the work and the life I live leave a lot to be desired.

When it’s 20 to 40 below zero and I have to go out and feed and care for livestock, tho’ I feel like I really did some good and helped some of God’s creatures, it just ain’t a lot of fun! Granted, I haven’t had to face much cold or snow for quite a few years now.

Putting down my old horses who will suffer from the cold is another job that I am glad I am able to do, but sure isn’t any fun. But I console myself that I am doing them a favor and that it helps remind me of the sanctity of life. I hate to see anything suffer, animals especially, so I tend to help along any suffering creature I come across.

But then there are days like yesterday. November 2nd and warm. 60’s, light to moderate breeze (anyone not living in these parts would call it a wind, but around here we don’t call it a wind until it raises the chain off the ground on our wind gauges. If you don’t understand about that, let me know and I will explain our wind gauges) and sun shiny skies. Good neighbors and friends and a bunch of calves that needed worked.

We headed and heeled the calves to lay them down for their shots and wormer. What a great day! We had good roast beef sandwiches when we got the cattle gathered. A cute little red haired girl of 2 years old to entertain us all and just a greaqt time.

Sometimes I wonder what the poe folks is doing! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. I want to compliment you on the life you live. It is to be desired. To interact with all of God’s creatures, and nature. Now that’s living, no work about it, just good life.

  2. I love reading the blogs of people who “get it”…that is folks who understand how much we farmers and ranchers care for our animals and how much we put into making their time with us better. Sad that there are so few folks left who do get it. Glad you had a good day.

  3. Thanks Allen, I agree. Not much work usually.

    Yes 3 collies, I agree. Glad you get it also. Beautiful pictures on your blog.

    We who live on and with the land really have more of a calling than a job. A vocation, if you will. The rewards aren’t in the financial column.

  4. Glad you had a good day and enjoyed out grandaughter…We appreciated the help from our friends and neighbors…Red Owl is a great place to live and work if you can call it that…

  5. Sounds very rewarding to me but, there again, I don’t have to go out in all weathers. Armchair cowboy, that’s Dickie.

  6. … But she’s never seen the Northern Lights
    Never seen a hawk on the wing
    Never seen Spring hit the Great Divide
    And never heard Ol’ Camp Cookie sing …

  7. This weather has been fantastic! We trailed a bunch back to the North place yesterday and couldn’t have asked for a nicer time to do it. And a South breeze to push them home!!! I knew there was a reason I loved our wide open spaces…

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