Supposed to be a guy here to cut some hay this morning, but that 1.1 inches of hard rain yesterday kind of stopped that! I ain’t complaining. Pretty cool when this country looks like June, in the middle of August.

Got some gigs this week. Thursday, I go to Camp Crook for their 100 year celebration.  Then on Friday night at 5 or 7 pm, not sure which, several of us are meeting the Wagon train as it comes in to Deadwood, from Ft Pierre. We will do some music and poetry and then again on Saturday evening also.The guy who set it up will be in Camp Crook, so I will find out the correct time from him. It’s open to the public and going to be at the rodeo grounds I hear. Maybe I will see some of you at one place or another.

Chance goes to the Artist Ride on Thursday morning. Taking a young neighbor lad along who is a good hand and I think the artists will really like him as a model. Good feller and easy going.

Guess the wimmens will have to hold the fort down around here!

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