Another nice day. Tyler is home and went with me to feed with the team up west. Then I worked with my stallion, Mijo. Brad sent him home for a few weeks as they are busy calving and he doesn’t have the time to work with him. I messed around and finally got on him this afternoon. Wow! He’s to light for me to ride! I could get along with him, but I’m afraid it is just a waste of time as Brad will just have to get him back to where he is now. Very soft and light. I wonder if I am too old to be able to keep a horse where he is? Oh well, tonight I’m, tired! 

2 thoughts on “3/18/08

  1. Just take him out and cover some miles. I know you won’t hurt him. He’s got the cow-chasin’, catty movement blood! Enjoy it! I know what you mean, though. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with the moves and then I think, oh well, if they leave me in a pile I just hope I can walk away from it, ha!

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