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We moved Tate, Kass and the boys into a rental in Custer. It will make it a lot nicer for them, but me and Gramma will miss having them grandbabies around all the time. I bet we make a trip down there pretty often now!

Tack and Lige

  • We got a regular spring blizzard going on! Wind out of the east with real wet snow. Good stuff! Had an insurance man here yesterday. Cindy wants more insurance on me. Kind of scary!
  • And on the global warming front,

Worked in the shop most of the afternoon and into the evening. Had a young man come over to work on his chaps. Supposed to be another one coming tonight, but I am about ready to give up on him. Why is it they want to work all day and then want me to work at night?

We had a nice crowd for Mass this morning. Church was almost full. That was a nice change. Tyler had been up helping at Spearfish and Belle Fourche and Cindy had to work, so it was just me and Tate, Kass and the boys from here. We had dinner when Cindy got home. Then Gabe went for a walk with me. We did that yesterday afternoon also. Hopefully I will keep it up and lose some of this extra weight that has come on. Something about quitting Copenhagen I think. Seems I am starved to death all the time. As we walked yesterday I introduced him to the fine art of kicking a dry cowpie. He’d cheat and throw it so we had lots of fun with that. And checked out all kinds of deer and rabbit pellets. He’s still a little young to teach him about “Smart Pellets”.


Nice day that is. Got a little windy but it was up in the 40’s. We need snow or rain. Worked in the leather shop today more than lately. If I keep this up, I might almost get caught up!     Tate, Kass and kids came home tonight for the weekend. We has grandkids in the house! 🙂

Went up to Spearfish yesterday and did Jim Thompson’s radio show and then did the Heritage of the American West show, last night. Paul Larsen was the other entertainer. They told us we had a good show. I enjoyed it. Took Tyler and Hubba along. Had a great time and looked at some guitars and had a lot of fun just hanging out with Tyler and Hubba. But I am sleepy today. Back to a regular workload tomorrow! 🙂

Another nice day. Tyler is home and went with me to feed with the team up west. Then I worked with my stallion, Mijo. Brad sent him home for a few weeks as they are busy calving and he doesn’t have the time to work with him. I messed around and finally got on him this afternoon. Wow! He’s to light for me to ride! I could get along with him, but I’m afraid it is just a waste of time as Brad will just have to get him back to where he is now. Very soft and light. I wonder if I am too old to be able to keep a horse where he is? Oh well, tonight I’m, tired!