Merry Christmas!

Hope all reading this either have or had a wonderful Christmas.

We will have all the children home and hope for Dusty, Tristan and Lan to be here also.

We are very much enjoying a brown Christmas. This is sure a great time for a drought and a heat wave. It can start sending moisture about the first of April. That’s what I want for Christmas. 🙂

I sold a few cows the other day and got 10 head of nice 3 year old cows bought for Chance and Hope. So now they have more cows than I do! Oh well, I’ve still got more land and horses than they do. 🙂 And less debt on my cows! LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

One thought on “12/23/06

  1. Wishing the whole gang the merriest of Christmas! Madison and I on are on the Cape for the Holiday season! May the season send you only the best it has to offer.

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