September, 2011 update

Mijo is now being ridden in the two rein and straight up in the spade bit, for short periods when there is not a chance of hurting his mind. Low stress situations, tho’ I did drag calves at several branding’s this spring and rode him straight up. He has become a nice saddle horse with lots of energy and the little booger can run like the wind! He think’s he’s 16 hands tall and can out run Secretariat!

We did not breed any mares last year as we have enough horses and the market for foals is terrible. I had one of his sons gelded this spring as a 2 year old, a bit late so there may be foals from him, in the spring. I really like the horse and wanted to use him at stud, but decided not to, but he may have covered a mare or two.

I am riding a 3 year old daughter of Mijo and Peaches and she has her mothers no nonsense, just go do it, attitude and her fathers lope and interest in cattle, Tho’ the interest in cattle could come from the mares side also. We have been riding Peaches for the last several years and she has become a nice mare to ride.

I am very happy with the colts I have gotten to work with out of Mijo and glad we used him. In the future we will try and find one about like him, but there is no hurry as I have more horses than I can ride. I have a 4 year old son of Mijo’s out of Jam, at Eric’s and am anxious to see how he is. Eric tells me he is nice, but he has been busy and hasn’t had time to work him much. I think Brad will take a couple two year old’s this winter and work with them a bit, to get a nice start going on them.

Beaver progressed to a grand kids horse this summer when Gabe and Lige spent almost a month with me. He does a great job of taking care of his young riders, but is still a top saddle horse for me when I need one that is solid, dependable and strong. He was 10 this year. How on earth did that happen so fast? Woody was 20 and acts 5!

We got Squirt back from Eric and Chastity and sent Crackerjack, a foal out of Fancy, by Peaches, and Mijo. He is small and was an accident when Mijo got out one day. The mare was only two when she was bred and he has a slightly crooked foot and the other turns out a bit. I think he will be fine for small, light riders, so Eric’s son will ride him a bit and get him further along in his training. I had a young man work with him a little last year and he is gentle and willing.

Squirt is now up with Chance and Hope for their boys to ride. Sounds like he is continuing in his child training as he has done for so many years now. I think he was 24 this spring. He’s in good flesh and sound.

UPDATE: I had Mijo gelded after I pulled him out of the mares. We should have four foals out of him on the spring of 2009.

His half sister, Black Pearl, won the Reno Snaffle bit futurity in October 2008.

I have been trying to get horses that are more “cowy”, all my life it seems. I had a young friend working in California a few years ago so I had him look for a horse bred to be that way, to use as a stallion on my few mares. He found me one, so in the fall of 2005 Chance and Hope and I headed out there with Teddy ( my Dodge Ram who is named after Teddy Roosevelt, ‘cuz that Dodge is damn sure a “rough rider”) my 22 foot stocktrailer, several colts who needed hauled to California and lots of praying that we would make it back home alive! We did, barely, and came back with Mijo. His AQHA papers list him as Plumb Pepinic. His sire is Smart Little Pepinic. Smart Little Pepinic won the Worlds Riches Working Cowhorse Event in Paso Robles in the fall of 2007 along with many other cuttings and Working Cowhorse events. His dam is Dry Silver Scotch by Plumb Dry who’s sire is Dry Doc. Smart Little Pepinic is out of Smart Little Uno by smart Little Lena on the top and Pepinic by Peppy San Badger. Pepinic’s dam is Anuthernic. So he’s bred to cow and he’s only been worked with for a short time, but was very impressive . We have his first colt crop on the ground. I have a filly and a colt still here at home and we should get 3 more foals in the spring of 08. If any of this interests you, give me a call. We may have a colt to suit you or perhaps you have a well bred mare you would like to breed to Mijo.

Here are a bay filly and a dun colt out of Mijo, born last spring.

And here is Mijo.