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Well another 365 wrapped up, about. Not sure where this year went. We had a good calving season, pretty nice summer, tho’ we’d have taken more rain, pretty good fall and winter held off for awhile, tho’ it’s dang sure here now. Blizzard on Christmas day, knocking out power for a few days. Got some dandy drifts around. I’ve been moving snow on and off most days after feeding, worked on the basement a bit yesterday afternoon, worked on insulating the float in the tank north of the house today as there is a cold spell coming on. Hope we get a long January thaw that lasts until about mid May! Then it can get real nice! Cattle market sucked this fall, about half of what we got two years ago.. or would that be three years ago.. oh well, we all know that what goes up is bound to come down, but it’s not fun when your short on what you planned on… life goes on and so do we, hope that next year is a great one for everybody. I am about to go to Mass and then a dance at out new hall at Red Owl. Chance and I and Caden are going to jam a bit and hopefully a few others will bring some musical instruments and we all have a great time watching the New Year come in. “Should auld ………..……”

We saddled up, moved some cows a short ways and then I drug the kids around on the calf sled thru’ the snow. Hope got some great photo’s. The new header image is one she took. I am thinking there will be some art work come from some of these.

Supposed to get some snow late Saturday night thru’ Sunday and winds gusting to 70 mph Sunday night. Can you say Blizzard boys and girls?

They don’t phase us much this time of year when there ain’t baby calves being born. We can put out plenty of feed behind shelter for the cows… deals like this is why we have planted and tended to so many tree shelter belts and built windbreaks and then I just pray and ask God to protect all the poor creatures out in the cold. HE’s real good about that.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember the reason we celebrate at this time of year. Hug your family and tell them you love them and call old friends and visit.

Been cold and got some snow. Been feeding the cows a bit but there is a real cold snap coming, so we got the cows in this morning and sorted off the thinner ones to a groups by them selves so we can take better care of them.. still haven’t sold the open ones yet… need to get that done one of these days. Found a few gaps i didn’t get closed up before the cold in the house, but finally got both pellet stoves working and installed so it stays pretty nice in here now. I knew we were kind of up on a hill in the wind but you don’t realize it until you live in one like that.. good thing about it it mostly blows the snow clear! Guess we need to get some trees planted out here on the upwind side next spring.