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Cindy and I took off about noon on Friday, went to Rapid and did a few things then on to Hot Springs for the Badger Clark Gathering… we had nice audiences and lots of fun. Sure wears you out having all that fun. But we are doing it again this weekend at Ft Pierre for their gathering…ought to be just as much fun… hope it’s not as tiring! 😀

Been getting pretty warm, up in the high 80’s to 90’s the last few days. Wind is blowing out of the south and really sup[posed to blow today and tomorrow and all thru’ the night… we doctored a few calves so decided to go ahead and give fall shots and pour them, sooner than we planned. I shoved calves up the chute while Tate and Chance and Hope handled them in the squeeze.. Kelvin handed vaccine guns to Chance and helped him at the head catch. I was tired when we got done. Started at 6:30 in the morning  and got done at 6:30 that night. I put the word out i had Kelvin here and we were looking for riding, so went and helped a neighbor work their calves. Might go tomorrow and help another. Yesterday Kelvin and i took a young horse up to Dustin’s for a refresher course then rode up to Crow’s Peak by Spearfish.. we couldn’t get quite to the top, trail just stopped. Cindy and I and Del and Geo hiked it some years back and it was different up there, you could get clear to the top, so don’t know what changed, but it was a tight, steep, rocky area to get a hose turned around.. sure was glad there were only two of us. There was a fire there summer and it burnt quite a few of the trees but not as much of the underbrush as i thought it would.. be interesting to go ride it next year and see what changed.. Kelvin leaves Saturday to go back home.. going to seem odd not having him around..