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Or Artist Ride. We left Wednesday about noon and got back about 5 yesterday evening. Tired but happy. It has been going on for 32 years and we haven’t missed many years of it. My friend Kelvin is here and he rode so much he just sat around on Sunday. It was overcast and rainy on Friday so there wasn’t many pictures taken that day. But Saturday was bright and sunny and we did a lot of scenes with cows and horses. There were calvary soldiers drilling on the parade ground when we came back to camp.All kinds of different activities in the “town”, which is where there are several old buildings and many canvas tents set up to form a street. Wish I could show pictures, but the artist who come to get material pay  a fee to shoot these pictures with the exclusive right to them to be used in their art work. But if you are a fan of western art, you’ve seen many pictures that came from the Artist Ride. I sure hope we can get back next year with new idea’s for the artists and the fun we all have. It’s like a family reunion every year, except everyone gets along and enjoys each others company. If you are on Facebook, watch my page and you may see some photos that came from there…


Not real sure at what we been busy about, but seems like there is always something… I’ve pulled some loads with the new pickup and it pulls well, I really like the engine brake, drove down to a gig  in the southern part of the start and back and got over 17 miles to the gallon.. that seemed pretty good.seems to get better mileage at 70 than slower… been getting stuff ready for the Artist Ride coming up fast… Kelvin, my friend from Denmark flies in Saturday evening for an extended visit… I let the cows into the middle pasture today for fresh grass. they seem to be enjoining it..we’ve been getting some storms passing thru’, some days we get rain some times mostly wind and lightning.. no fires real close to here but all around us it sounds like.. we are still pretty green, considering how dry it’s been.. been working on the house getting some chinking done.. almost got the outside chinking done..Cindy started working the Rally lastFriday night.. she works from 7 to 5 the next morning.. so our sleep schedule has been all messed up.. Laramie and Bob came and shod up the horses for me the other day.. should be riding my colt I guess, suppose I am going to have to send him back toDustin for awhile… then I know he will be good.