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Went to Rapid yesterday afternoon and got a few more supplies for the bathroom remodel. Went to super with Fr Tyler at a home of some of his parishioners. Had a great time and great meal. We hurried home as Hope was waiting here for us with the boys in bed. So today we have Sam and Gus and I am trying to work on the bathroom and Gramma painted and I tell you, grandkids are great but can sure get in the way of getting the work done at times! LOL

Not real sure what, but it is keeping me busy, seems like.

Today is the first anniversary of my son Tyler’s ordination as a priest. It has been fun and interesting to watch his growing and becoming more adept at his vocation.

Happy Anniversary Tyler, may there be many , many more years for you to do your work amongst us! You do us all proud.

I finally found something to make out of that deerskin you gave me. This is as close as I can figure out how to builds a pair of armita’s, which were the original chinks. Odd looking, but cooler in the summer and I really don’t need to worry about brush.

Tate’s on top and mine on the bottom. I posted the one with Gus just to prove there was no trick photography.

Fish were caught and released, tho’ pictures were taken. We did keep a couple trout we caught, as I haven’t eaten any trout for quite awhile. I caught one and Tate caught one. Yes!!

We finally outfished Gabe!

My trout was the biggest for the day and I will post pictures post haste, to prove to Corky I caught a big trout, but I haven’t taken any yet. Kass took pictures also, but I have to wait for them to come visit so we can download them on to this computer, seeing as she doesn’t have internet.

We fished at Angastora, then up to Cold Brook and then to Bismark. Quit about 8 and I got home about 10:30. Took the kayak out at Cold Brook and Bismark. Handy way to get around them small lakes and get to where the action is. Too windy to fly fish, but I really didn’t care.

Sure had a great day.

Cindy and I traveled to Philip yesterday afternoon to attend the saddle bronc riding match. Great horses and riders and one of the best I’ve seen.

Tomorrow I will go to Custer to meet up with Tate and family so we can fish.

So for Fathers day, I got to and will get to celebrate with my family. Sure I will not get to spend time with Tyler and Chance, but they will be with us in spirit as they always are as my thoughts are seldom far from any of them.

Perhaps the best present this year came a few days early when I was told we will be getting another grandchild in December. Tate and Kass will soon have three. And so life goes on. We are blessed.

Went and saddled Beaver this morning and rode south and roped, tied down,  and doctored two heifers with pink eye. Then came home, turned the Beav loose and caught Mijo, rode out east and brought our little bunch in and penned them. Sorted off three dries who had fall calves and a couple yearlings and the fall calves. Moved the bunch across the road, let the fall calves and steers out north with the mares and colts, loaded the dries and hauled them to town to the sale barn. Drove over to Spearfish and got some more stuff for the bathroom remodel then I met Cindy in town and we ate a late lunch at the Mexican cafe. When I got home I built me a ropin’ dummy and then went over and helped mow the cemetery. For some reason I am tired this evening! 🙂

Or so they say, tho’ my internet weather ain’t showing to much, but the wind is supposed to gust to 50 some mph tomorrow. Big cloud moving in from the southwest. Maybe we will get something.

Worked with the colt this morning teaching her to lead and go with her mamma. She is getting good. About time to hook up the team and take her along. I hook her to the belly band strap and then she can be beside her mamma. Hopefully she will just go along without too much fuss, tho’ I’d hate to have to drag her along for a real long trip just yet.

Pushed in a corner post at a gate and then put some cement in a tank that was going to leak. fixed some fence then went to Punkin Center to get a big culvert for the creek crossing the washed out. It’s only an 8 footer, but it should be wide enough for Purple, the little Suzuki. And for horses and cattle for sure. I just detest getting mud on my horses hooves. 😉

Dean came down this afternoon and worked on Pilgrim and sure looked like it did him some good. Then he checked Peaches, the little mare and she needs it also, but he had others to do so we will do it another day. After he left Cindy and I took the culvert out and unloaded it and I put it in. Hopefully we don’t get such a storm it washes it out where it’s fresh dirt. One more to fix and then I am done.

Until they all wash out again!

We took Gabe to town yesterday and got new wall covering and tub surround for the bath tub, yesterday. So I am working on that, but still need to ride sometime today. Horses are getting fat!

Helped the neighbor fix a little fence this morning and got the trash hole burning.

It’s warming back up. Also I got a dip net and I want to go rescue the little bass trapped in the overflow of a local dam later today also.

Teri took these of me and Mijo and allowed me to use them.