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George, Del’s wife, took some pictures today while we were moving their cows and was nice enough to send them to me. So here’s what we did today. I was riding Pilgrim.

Went over to a neighbors yesterday and helped him bring in his bunch of roping cattle, just before noon. Then we ate a bite and some other neighbors and friends came over and we roped and branded all that needed it. Also gave the calves a shot and wormed them.

Today I am going to help him get his cattle on summer pasture started towards home. I sure am glad the weathers nice!

The Middle East: Reporting an Enigma

at Warning Signs.

Chance came up and we used the loader tractor instead of the team to get the logs out of the creek. We sure got a lot of good Ash wood drug out. So sad to see how thin the timber on the creek is getting.

When I was Chances age there were a lot of American Elm trees on the creek and they were all dying. That is what I cut for firewood in those days. Now, there are hardly any left. Just a few logs laying on the ground and they are rotten. There are new young Elm trees growing, but not very many and they don’t grow very fast. I keep hoping some will grow back with resistance to the Dutch Elm Beetle that is killing all these. And now they say there is an Ash Borer coming that will kill all the Ash trees.

Change. I don’t like it, but it has happened all my life. What does that say about me and it?

I caught up Ron and Roz and hooked them to the wagon and drove them up west and north yesterday. Checked on the bean I had put out for the cows. They aren’t hitting it very hard, but then they have quite a bit of green grass down low on the crested fields. They are in good shape too, so I don’t imagine they have a lot of appetite for it yet. But when the cold comes they will at least know to go look it up.

Chance is supposed to come up this morning and we are planning to go pull logs out of the creek for firewood with the team. Ought to be fun! Jody told me the other day we need to be planning for Christmas caroling with the teams so I better start getting them legged up.

Sounds like we are going to rope tomorrow at Delbert’s and work some more fall calves. Woohoo!

I did it again. Ate too much!

Oh well, I guess I will never learn.

I stopped in at Chance and Hopes this morning on my way to the Hills. They were having her family out. Then I went to Custer and hung out with Tate and the boys until they were ready to eat. Kass had gone after her sis and husband and kids as their car was in the shop.

Then I drove back to Rapid City and hung out with Fr Tyler and Fr Mike. Had a good visit. Cindy got there about 2:30 and friends from the Twin Cities area showed up about 3. We all talked and visited and then ate a bite and stuffed outselves. Then about 6 I headed for home.

Sure was a nice day. Moon dog out tonight so I suppose we got a weather change coming. Hope it don’t last too long. I am getting spoiled with all these days in the 40’s to 60. Come on Global Warming!

Deer season. Around here the last two weekends. I suppose across most of the country.

Really, it’s been going on longer than that as I think bow season for deer started the first part of September. It’s a wonder any survive! But they do. Matter of fact they never take as many around here as the GF&P allocates licenses. Mostly because most hunters want horns. And there are lots more does than bucks.

Anyway, a friend emailed these pictures of  a dinky little buck in Cass county Nebraska. Why on earth would you bother to shoot something this small and then take a picture of it? Oh well, I guess some people are just easily pleased. Bet he goes ahead and spends the money to get it mounted. What do you think?

After reading this story

about term limits, over here

I have this thought;

We need term limits for the same reason as we need laws for statutory rape. Some people just have too much persuasive powers over others and money enough to continue their behavior, for their own good and the good of others, so we all need to be protected from them.

Why would someone as lazy as me, keep writing and posting things on this blog?

When I started I think I was motivated by the newness of it. A way to write a personal letter to as many people who cared to read it. Also a way to generate energy towards the craft of saddle making as a way to perhaps advertise my saddles and this ranch. Somewhat like throwing a hook into a pool of water and hoping something will bite. Also the idea that I could be passing on my thoughts and what went on in my daily life, as a journal for me to reflect back on and also for my children, grandchildren and even possibly my great grand children.

Never having known any of my grandparents at an age to have talked with them ( I barely remember paternal grandmother, who died when I was five years old, I think and the only one who was still alive when I arrived) I have always wished that I could have listened to their voices and heard their thoughts. The past has always fascinated me. How they did the work, how they lived. It holds much more pleasure to me than the future.

But again, why do I keep coming her and writing my mundane thoughts and posting the trivial things about my life and what is going on around me? What makes me happy or frustrates me.

There are a large number of other blogs that I read almost every day. I find it interesting to see and read what others all over the world are doing. What it looks like where they live. How they live their lives. Kind of like watching a show on TV or a movie, only real life and not made up by writers and effected by directors and producers and advertisements.

And I have got to know so many internet friends because of it. I feel where ever I should travel to in the future, there will be someone I will know. Someone I can call on to visit or if I need help, someone who can point me in the right direction to fix my problem. And I feel by writing on here, I am giving back to them. And hope they enjoy what they find here and will stop in if ever they pass this way.

Also, I do feel that writing here as often as possible is good for my writing abilities. When there is something I feel needs to be said in a public forum, it is much easier for me to do so, now. The process of writing on here has made me a better writer, I think.

DW Grothe is a friend and wonderful poet and songwriter. He went to a real college, unlike the way I learned, by the use of a “self college” and hard knocks. He told me that a professor had taught him to write something, anything, every day. It doesn’t matter what you write, whether it is good or bad writing, just the act of writing is a good exercise. And a sweet little older lady told me years ago that the brain is a muscle and needs exercise every day, just as the other muscles do.

So I guess if nothing else, this is my exercise. Some days I don’t do it. Some days I don’t do it very well. Some days I over do it! I even cheat and use other peoples postings when I think it will cause a chuckle, laugh or make someone think or rally to a cause.

But as long as I enjoy it and think that perhaps I am improving my life or bringing enjoyment to someone else, somewhere, sometime, I will continue to do it.

Thanks for reading this and most especially thanks for the comments and reinforcement that you enjoyed or even got angry about something I have posted here. That I have touched your life. That in its self might be the best reason. Knowing someone out there in eternity was here and took the time to look at what I have done here.


The mares and fillies came in to get a drink this morning so I captured them. Then the rest followed so I caught them also. Mijo was with the mares so I used him to bring the calves in to their feed. I was going to use Patches as I had rode her the day before and she needed more of it, but we got in a training session getting her caught yesterday. Every time she turned her butt to me and or ran by me she got in lots of trouble. So when I went to catch her this morning and she was real good about it, I thought I ought to give her a good reward so I just caught her, brushed her while she ate a little grain and then turned her loose.

I rode Mijo to gather calves and it was good for him.

After dinner Cindy went with me to the corral and I caught up Peaches. When Peaches was a 2 year old Chance took her to train for an older couple. She was so nice and soft and learned so fast I told him she sure was a “peach”, so the name stuck. I told the folks that owned her, when they came to get her, that I wanted her first colt ’cause I sure liked her. They called a few months later and said they were going to sell her as she was just too quick for them. So we ended up buying her. I have raised colts out of her ever since, but didn’t breed her this year and we had decided we would just start riding her. So now she is probably 8 years old and basiclly untouched since she was 3.

I caught her and worked with her just a bit, saddled her and turned her loose in the round pen to loosen up. She hogged and snorted around like she thought she was a real bronc, but finally quit. So I tighten the cinch and stepped on. She moved out hesitantly, but we got along pretty good. After a bit Cindy let me out into the pasture and I rode out and messed with the calves a little. She tried to buck and act stupid a couple times but wasn’t that bad. So she is in the corral and I will use her tomorrow to gather the calves.

Then I caught the three yearling fillies and saddled them all and played with them. They all bucked and snorted and bellowed like they was some punkin’s, but all in all, not too bad. Gramma wouldn’t let me get on any as she said they were too little and I decided I am probably too old. I know I sure got my exercise this afternoon!