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As I write this, we now have plumbing that works as it is supposed too!


Might be the best 345 bucks I have ever spent!

Man, I have turned into a plumb wussy, whining about a toilet that won’t flush and a sink that won’t drain!

Or am I?????????

I might feel a wee bit better this morning. All I did yesterday was nurse this damn cold. We got about 4 inches of snow. Cindy stayed in because of the weather and my cold. She and Tyler are flying to California to see her sister, on Sunday. I didn’t want her to catch what I’ve got so I told her to stay in there. She will probably be home this afternoon. Hopefully my cold will be past the catching stage.

I don’t get many colds so when I do it’s the pits.

I’d be glad to give this one away if anyone wants it!

Me and the weather! Some SOB had to go out in public and pass this crap on. That really pisses me off!

Chance and I worked on taking the old baler apart yesterday afternoon, so we can mount the buzz saw on the axle and use the power shaft to run the buzz saw. Way I feel, I doubt I will get very far from my chair or bed today tho’!

Got a guy coming to roto rooter the drain, one of these first days.

We’ve been having some problems with the plumbing lately. Water doesn’t want to drain (along with other things!) I went and borrowed a snake yesterday and pulled the toilet out of the way, but couldn’t get the snake down the hole very far. I think I was hitting a joint. Then it dawned on me that there was no water backed up in the drain so wondered if it might be the toilet it’s self. It’s been here for all my life and before. On the way to town to get a new one and to talk to a plumber, I got a call from a friend. While explaining where I was going and what I was doing, he mentioned that it sure might be the toilet. Then when I got to a plumber he told me the same thing. So I paid my land taxes and then headed off to Rapid for a new toilet and some other stuff. Got it all and headed home.Bought a small hand twising snake. got home, removed the old toilet and tried to get the twisty snake to go down the hole. It went, but finally hit something and stopped.


So now I guess I need to get someone with a rotorooter to see if they can remove what ever is the cause.

I should have been a plumber I guess. From the sounds of it, they get paid very well!

Supposedly rain and snow on the way. Cindy took extra clothes along as she may have to stay in town. Moving her mother to Sturgis just might pay off! LOL

Is there a Saint to pray to, for bad plumbing? LOL

Several of my near neighbors and I went over to another neighbors house. with our saddle horses. We then trailered east to a far pasture and sorted off his pairs from the rest in that pasture and brought them all home. Going thru’ one pasture with cattle (who evidently are massively stupid) we had quite a run around while they tried to mix. They did and when we went out of that pasture we sorted them off. All in all, a nice day and fun work. I forgot my camera and it was some pretty country (of course to me, as long as it isn’t all farmed up or grazed off, it’s pretty) so it was a good day. Here are some pictures of the colts to make up slightly for not taking my camera today.


One thing about this country, mostly we have good neighbors. Oh, there is the idiot or two and the plumb miserable who should be taken out and shot and put out of everyones misery, but by and large, we have good people and great neighbors in this country.

We help each other. When someone needs help, the word gets out and people respond. We take care of our own. We are some what clannish I suppose. Some say we are clique-y and maybe that is because outsiders have come in and caused grief in the past. We don’t like that.

Today I went up to a neighbor who is having a bitof trouble with one of the aforementioned idiots. A bunch of us showed up to tear out an old fence and re-buildit horse high and bull stout because of a problem caused by one of them outsiders who moved into this country some years back. We all tried to get along and treat him as we would be treated, but he has spit on us and reviled us.

It’s gonn’a stop now.

Where he had maybe not many friends and some who didn’t like him, westill tried to get along and be a good neighbor to him. Now, because of his actions, he doesn’t even have any who will treat him with respect, as far as I can see. We will shun him. Eventually, he will grow old and die or get tired of the life he will have to live around here because of his treatment to one of ours and hopefully leave. Either way, he is in trouble. If a fire starts on his land, where before most would run to help put it out, I doubt any will now. No one wish’s him bad luck or ill fortune, but no one will go out of their way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

You mess with the bull, you get the horn. He’s going to get the horn.

Yup, we got good people who live around here, but you can only push us so far. Then we push back.

It was a pain, but I kind of like it. Hard to do this on a rounded surface like these swells for this saddle are. It will look better when I get it oiled up.


I went over to a neighbors and helped him run calves thu’ and give them a booster shot on their fall shots. Got a couple pictures from my point of view in the chute, pushing calves to Frank.



Now, if we can just get all who don’t believe in concealed carry to wear a sign saying so.


Gus started it, then Sam had to do it too.