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Branding, that is. Started in pretty good season but it was 7:30 when we got done. Just a lot of fiddling around here and there. One of them days.

Got a small one tomorrow.

Another good one. When we got home Cindy wanted to go up and look at the mares as she said we had another foal. So we did and Suzy had a colt. So two fillies and a colt. I guess I can live with that. Too bad I didn’t want all these future broodmares!

Heres Suzy’s new bay colt.


And then Peaches filly that was born a few days ago.


Counting ours, which I shouldn’t.

We were supposed to brand yesterday down in the breaks but we got a rain Saturday night so they pushed it back to Friday, if we can find enough help. They always ask me to find the crew and I am still short a couple of people. Too many different things going on.

One of my yearling guys brought bulls for his heifers yesterday. I fixed fence and roe and pushed some heifers out of a pasture where they didn’t need to be yet. Rode Pilgrim for the first time since I took him to Benny’s. He did well, tho’ he wants to jig jog. I worked on making him walk, all the way home.

Tyler got official word yesterday that he will be Ordained on June 26. Anyone who is interested and would like to attend one of several different festivities, just drop me a line or give me a call.

Memorial Day

My Great Grandpa fought in the Civil War
Entered when he was 17 years old
He fought on the side of the North
He didn’t think folks should be bought or sold

Grampa raised a family on a homestead
Raised food during the First World War
Never had to fight in the trenches
Fightin’ hard times was his biggest chore

Dad lost an eye in the 30’s
Uncle Harry had an arm that wasn’t good
Uncle Wayne fought in World War Two
Each helped out the best that he could

I never had to register for the draft
But my brother was in the Service for several years
Thank God, he never fought in any battles
Mom still shed her share of tears

I hope my children never have to fight
Never experience the horrors of a war
But we all owe a huge debt to our fighting force
And you know, thats what Memorial Day is for

I wrote this quite a few years back. Since then, our son Tate was in Iraq when our forces first went in. I have two nephews and a neice who served over there also.

God bless our fighting and peace keeping forces!

Thank all who have served and are serving now!

All gave some. Some gave all.

Got it done. From the sounds of it, I thought we would get rained out. All the kids were here. Even Tyler, tho’ he pulled in late. Better late than never!

And it was a good’un! When I cam home I fed the calf and then rode up north and moved the steers and doctored a couple yearling’s. Need to sort some heifers out of the steers and steers out of the heifers. Kids are coming on Sunday and we will brand our little bunch. Then Cindy’s nephew has a party on Monday before he leaves for OCS and then 3 more days of branding’s next week.

Here’s what a hard working, little less ancey, tired but still has a lot of gas, 4 year old colt, looks like.

P5180007He’s sure a travelin’ booger. Wants to be cowy. Yup, I like him! But he ain’t for kids.



Went well. Chance and I got there early. Got kind of warm and hardly a breeze where we did them.

Cindy and I drove up thru’ the heifers and I used the crossbow to doctor a couple. Need to go up this afternoon and do more, if I get home in time.

I am going to pick up a young man who is a neighbor and a good hand and we are headed up to help a feller sort pair and get them shipped off to summer pasture. Supposed to get up around 85. I am taking Pilgrim the 4 year old and Beaver. Beaver is out of shape and Pilgrim was a pain the other day. Ought to be good for both of them! I don’t know about me!

Had a great time on the Sheridan trip. A jolly group of traveling companions and I giggled and laughed all the way out there and back.

Went to a branding yesterday. I’ve lost count of which one it was. Another today and then go help a guy sort cattle to ship to summer pasture tomorrow.

Something in the grass and air. Mijo was full of beans yesterday and then when we got home I saddled up Pilgrim, my 4 year old and Chance and I went and looked at yearling’s, seeing as we hadn’t really looked at them too much since they got here. Pilgrim was just full of himself and a pain to ride. I kept cussing and muttering about colts while Chance laughed and giggled!

I will take Pilgrim tomorrow and either Mijo or Beaver. Beaver is getting so fat I hate the thought of riding him very far. I tell you, green grass is evil! LOL

Taken a picture of a tree bent half way over, from the wind. She really really blew today! Gusts up in the 50’s I guess.

Sure glad there wasn’t a foot or two of snow for it to play with!

Another branding tomorrow and then on Friday I am headed to Sheridan for the big leather show. Several of us headed out for the day and back that night.

And then another branding on Saturday.