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Hows this for Frosty the snowman!? Me and Ron both give a pretty good impression. Roz didn’t frost up so much, too lady like and not enough beard I guess, like us males!

This is what happens when you trot out and feed cows when it’s 10 below zero or so and a breeze. Brrr, baby it’s cold outside!

I kind of enjoyed it. Weather like this helps keep all the wussies and weenies weeded out of this country!

Went over south of White Owl and helped a neighbor ship some calves this morning. It was 14 below when we left. Not too bad as long as you dress for it and was moving around. Standing around gets you cold. That is why I prefer to feed with the team instead of the tractor. Lots warmer as you are moving instead of just setting. And you can get off and walk down wind of the team and that helps you to stay warm also.

Come visit, we will go for a sleigh or wagon ride in the snow and cold! 🙂

Unless your a weenie or a wussy! LOL

Christmas lights was the assignment. Last week was Pets. So I combined them. Daisy the cat seems to think this is a great place to lay!

Go check out the rest of the pictures (much better than mine of course, cuz these people take their pictures serious!) at

I guess I should have taken more time! Bad cold windy here today!


I have been getting ready for a wintery blast and it’s coming in this afternoon. Supposed to blow like a witch and get down below zero.  Oh fun, oh fun!

I put plastic up over the windows on the north and west side of the house. Now when I look at the window in my leather shop all I see is dull light. Makes me think a prisoner in a dungeon had it way the hardest. We need light. I really need it. But I like a little sceanery with my light also.

Oh well, this is part of the price we pay to get to live here. Most the time it’s worth it!

I’ll post again if I don’t get blown away!

Gramma and I went to Rapid shopping. Man, I hate shopping! But we did get the last stuff on her list I guess. And we got each other our Christmas present. Here it is. Looks much better than what we had been using. Not real expensive but still cost money. But then not top of the line made either. Guess it’s good enough for us.

We also got a ceiling fan/light combo to go in the kitchen and try and move some of the heat around in this house. Now, I just have to install it! Crap!

Yesterday started out pretty nice except there was rain. Then it cooled off in the afternoon and the wind picked up. Cindy rode on the tractor up west with me and we cleaned up some spilled hay and packed a bale home and unrolled an old bale to the cows, in case it got nasty last night. While we were up there we noticed cows in a pasture they were not supposed to be in. The same pasture Chance and I had got them out of the day before, with the team and dogs. So when we got back home, Chance and I caught up saddle horses and rode up there and got them back out. There is a draw up there with snow over the fence and they can walk over it and of course they did. Lots of green grass next to the ground on the bottom that is an old hay field, so that is what is drawing them up there. Guess I need to go unroll some wire and try and stop them.

Gramma says I got to take her shopping today. Oh joy! Just what I wanted to do. Go to town and play with all them people at all those stores!

That woman is just lucky I am kind of fond of her!

Becca came and got winter ice shoes on the front of the team yesterday afternoon. She say’s she will be back and finish up Wednesday afternoon. Looks like I will need them. Probably also need some on a saddle horse.

Christmas 08

It’s been quite a year
All kinds of ups and downs
Worst part was the election
With all them political clowns

We got a brand new grandson
In January, Sam popped out
Four grandsons for me and Gramma
Makes us smile and shout

We got late rains in the spring
but when it came it really came!
More green grass than we’d seen for years
this ol’ country didn’t look the same

So I had plenty of feed for the stock
The pasture cattle and horses too
With lots of sore feet and bad eyes
So there was lots of doctorin’ to do

And lots of water every where!
The big dam ran over again
I ain’t seen that in a long time
It dang sure made me grin

In the fall Kelvin visited
He lives in Denmark most the time
Got to ride in our Centennial parade
I hope there’s some sense in this rhyme!

See, we celebrated a hundred years
In the life of Red Owl town
Lots of people showed up to help
We all sure partied down

Chance and Hope moved back home
Bringing along both Sam and Gus
Ranching seems to be their calling
For now their livin’ with us

Tate and Kass are down in Custer
We don’t see Lige and Gabe enough
Went for Lige’s birthday and Thanksgiving
Not seeing them very often is tough!

Tyler made it home for the holiday
Be ordained a priest in the spring
He’s going to Rome in January
It’s amazing what life can bring

And now here it is Christmas
How does time go so fast?
Instead of looking forward
I think alot about the past

We count our blessing each day
Think of you friends, both near and far
Merry Christmas and God’s blessing
to you, wherever you are

Robert, Cindy and family

Here’s my picture Linda. Now what?


Chance and Hope went to town the other day and found a runner sled, so they bought it for me. (I still had to pay for it, but they did me the favor of saving me a trip to, go get it myself!)

So yesterday evening after Gramma got home from work, we went out and give the sled a test run. The old drifts are almost pure ice so it really whizzes down the slope. We had fun! I have a video Hope took, but I can’t seem to get it to load on here. Must be because I have a Mac computer. (insert smiley emoticon with tongue sticking out, here)

Sometime when you have time to kill, Google snow sleds and check out all the cool sleds they make. Wish I had more money!

I caught the team and hooked them to the regular wagon, loaded some extruded soybean and salt and a short handled shovel and drove up west. I mixed the bean and salt for the cattle and then walked and drove the team, so I’d get some exercise. It wasn’t that cold, about 30 or so but the wind was blowing some. I didn’t wear my insulated pants so the exercise helped warm me up. I took a different route home and checked out how much grass there is left. The cows were just sure I was going to give them some hay evidently as they followed me all the way back to the house. Sure fooled them!

I fixed up a couple of neck yokes and took a set of eveners and a neck yoke out to the bobsled which was across the road. Later in the afternoon I went and got the team and hooked them up to the bale wagon and moved it out of the way, then drove them across the road and hooked up to the bobsled and pulled it back to the shed so I could do some work on it. I unhooked and drove the team out of the way and tied them up and went back to work on the sled. Chance came out and gave me a hand. When we got it fixed we pushed it back from the door of the shed to where I had room to hook the team on. I got them, hooked up and drove over by a flatbed and we put it on the sled and then went for a little drive. There is snow and also small spots where there isn’t any snow, so they had to pull the sled on bare ground a little bit. It made for a good steady pull which is good for a team and especially these that are young and still learning, so they learn what a pull is. My grandfather would always hook a young horse he was starting to train, with an older broke horse and hook them to a mowing machine and cut hay, Dad said, as it gave them a good, steady pull to teach the youngster what to expect. A bobsled on dry ground does about the same and there is just enough snow to give them a little rest every little bit as they walk along.

The NFR started on Thursday night and we have a DVR now so I set it to record and went to bed. When I got up yesterday I checked and sure enough it had recorded the rodeo. I sat and watched the broncs and fast forwarded thru’ all the commercials and every thing else. It was great!

Hooked up the team and went up west and rolled out a bale for the cows, who were over a hill grazing so they didn’t even see me. But when the wind picked up this afternoon, even worse, I am sure they drifted to where I left the hay. Pretty brisk out there. About 20 degrees and 15 to 20 mph breeze when I went out. Not too bad if your dressed for it.