I got this from Alan Nations blog. I find it very interesting. New Michael Pollan Book Wednesday, 26 December 2007Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma has a new book out next month called In Defense of Food. Michael sent me an advance copy and if you are a grassfed enthusiast you’ll really like it.Continue reading

Talk about land of infinite variety! This is the view to the east out my door this a morning about noon. And then it got nasty out! Such a nice day yesterday and then this came in. Oh well, it least it was wet snow. And we need it.

Here’s a picture from yesterday afternoon, down in the breaks. We’d gotten the cattle all worked so we were taking them back out to their pasture to the west as the sun was going down. We had an awful nice day for it. got up to 40 or so. Pretty nice for december 20th! SnowingContinue reading

Gabe took a nasty fall yesterday, somewhere out in the corrals. We ended up taking him to Rapid for a cat scan and it all checked out good but he sure a tuff lookin’ little feller right now! I tried to up load a picture of him, but it won’t come on here. Mayber tomorrowContinue reading