Here’s Rooster, pitching one in. I’m sure he made it work. Little twerp always does! LOL Honestly he deserves to catch, as much time as he has spent practicing. It’s sure refreshing to be around a young man his age who is so much fun. No sass, except in fun. He’s showing the makings ofContinue reading

Well, I set here writing this a changed man. I got contacts today! Guess that is good enough for the first anniversary of this blog. I was needing to get my eyes vhecked and had visitied with a neighbor lady who wore these soft contacts for years. She since has had Lasic surgery and commentedContinue reading

Taaaaa Daaaa (or what ever would sound like a drumroll!

If you haven’t noticed, there are a few changes to the looks of this blog/journal! There may be more coming your way. In the future you may see some ads on here. They are for your benefit. Let me know what you think, if you like the changes or not. As I was going throughContinue reading “Taaaaa Daaaa (or what ever would sound like a drumroll!”

Here you go Pixie! Not only a horse picture but an old, bearded, fat man too! With aa almost 1 year old pup, who’s got the makings of a fine cowdog, tho’ he ain’t quick enough to catch a dumb ol’ jackrabbit! We three, and Nip also (who didn’t make the picture) had been outContinue reading