This is Jake, Maddy. He belongs to Chance. He’s 4 years old. We got him at the same time as Frankie Blue Eye’s. They grew up together. But Jake hasn’t had as much riding as Frankie. Chance needs to come watch the place while I go on a short vacation and maybe he will rideContinue reading

Here you go Mad. This is Grump. When he was a weanling colt and in with several other colts, he was always laying his ears back and bossing the other colts around, so I got to calling him Grumpy. He’s not that way now, but the name stuck. I just shortened it to Grump. AContinue reading

Here’s a picture of Cindy’s Lipstick plant with a couple more blossoms. She’ is so proud! LOL Her is picture of a yearling filly I bought last fall. She’s done well this summer. She ought to make a nice trim mare who raises nice colts for me!

Look at these two Mad. Picked them up real cheap at a horse sale yesterday. A neighbors boy was setting next to me and really liked the sorrel (red, for you none horsey folks) so I told him if he’d take them and keep them and feed them until spring, he could have the sorrelContinue reading

You see this young feller? Mijo. Yup, he’s my stallion. I got some pretty cool news this morning. Seems Mijo’s dad, Smart Little Pepnick, won the World’s Richest, a Working Cowhorse event, on Saturday night. It pay’s &100,000. It’s split between the winners. He won $25,000. Cool. Yup, way cool. Beyond way cool! LOL AndContinue reading

Okay Pixie, I finally got some new pictures. This is Dean, named for a shorter legged individual who likes to harrass and tease me. So when I bought Dean as a short yearling, I noticed he was kind of small horse with short legs and a big belly. Guess who I thought of?! 🙂 AllContinue reading

I’ve been busy the last few days. Cindy and I went to Wall Thursday afternoon and went to the Artist Ride Artshow. Met up with some frinds, both artitst and models. We got home late for Cindy and early for me. These women who have to get up early in the morning sure don’t haveContinue reading

Jam and three cute colts. Got up yesterday morning pretty early and loaded some stuff and Beaver and headed out in the dark for the Artist Ride. I got down there and we just visited for quite awhile as the sky is so hazy from all the fires to the west of here, that theContinue reading