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Here’s the two thourobred mares I am running for a nice lady.

What do you think Judith?

This is Jake, Maddy. He belongs to Chance. He’s 4 years old. We got him at the same time as Frankie Blue Eye’s. They grew up together. But Jake hasn’t had as much riding as Frankie. Chance needs to come watch the place while I go on a short vacation and maybe he will ride him some more then. I rode Jake for a short ways last fall. He feels like your riding a spring horse, real bouncy, but in a good kind of way.

I had a young neighbor over today and he helped me catch the young horses and work with them and worm them. It wore me out.

We’ve got friends from Iowa here visiting for the weekend and the kids are supposed to be out on Saturday. Sunday we go to Devils Tower to perform poetry.

The annual Poetry Gathering at Marmoth ND is Saturday night. Wish I could go, but it’s too far and I have to travel on Sunday. Oh well, maybe next year. It’s one of the best gatherings there is.

Got more pictures of horses today, so I will posting them for Mad. 🙂

Here you go Mad. This is Grump. When he was a weanling colt and in with several other colts, he was always laying his ears back and bossing the other colts around, so I got to calling him Grumpy. He’s not that way now, but the name stuck. I just shortened it to Grump. A big boy don’t need a little boy’s name! LOL

He cut his right front foot this spring, pretty bad and it isn’t quite healed up yet. He was 3 this spring and was supposed to go to the colt man and get some training, but it didn’t happen because of the injury.

When he gets healed up he can go.

Right now he is just living off the fat of the land! 🙂

Here’s a picture of Cindy’s Lipstick plant with a couple more blossoms. She’ is so proud! LOL

Her is picture of a yearling filly I bought last fall. She’s done well this summer. She ought to make a nice trim mare who raises nice colts for me!

Look at these two Mad.

Picked them up real cheap at a horse sale yesterday. A neighbors boy was setting next to me and really liked the sorrel (red, for you none horsey folks) so I told him if he’d take them and keep them and feed them until spring, he could have the sorrel and I’d take the palamoino. His Dad agree’d so it’s a done deal. They will be nice and sweet by spring, tho’ they are awful nice already.

This colt is a grandson of Mr San Peppy. Not too many of them around this country. I have always wanted to ride one this color. 🙂

This colt has San Peppy, Doc Bar and Rey Jay, on his papers. They were all great cutting horses or their offspring are. He should rally watch a cow. And be a classy lookin’ booger while he’s doing it. I’ll bet he’s gonn’a be real fun to ride in about 3 or 4 years! 🙂

You see this young feller? Mijo. Yup, he’s my stallion.

I got some pretty cool news this morning. Seems Mijo’s dad, Smart Little Pepnick, won the World’s Richest, a Working Cowhorse event, on Saturday night. It pay’s &100,000. It’s split between the winners. He won $25,000.


Yup, way cool.

Beyond way cool! LOL

And I have grandson’s and grand daughters of that horse.

Yup, things are starting to look a little better around here. 🙂

Maybe Mijo was a better investment than I thought. 😉

Okay Pixie, I finally got some new pictures.

This is Dean, named for a shorter legged individual who likes to harrass and tease me. So when I bought Dean as a short yearling, I noticed he was kind of small horse with short legs and a big belly. Guess who I thought of?! 🙂

All in good fun, mind you, all in good fun! 🙂

We’ve had over 3 inches of rain in the past week! Man, there is mud around here! It’s great.

Yup, give me a little rain and keep people form pestering me and life is just pretty damned good! 🙂

Only one other thing I can think of that puts me in this good of a mood! LOL

We’ve got friends coming this next week for the Labor Day weekend. Kids are coming also and then we also have some other friends dropping in after Labor day to spend the night at least. I guess the Dennis Ranch bed and breakfast is back in business! LOL

Whoooeee. We’s gonn’a have some fun! 🙂


I been over at a new site by, for and about real cowboys. Drop in and check it out. Here is the link.
You have to register but that is easy and it don’t cost nuthin’, so drop in and check it out.

I’ll try to get some new photo’s and post them on here asap!

I’ve been busy the last few days. Cindy and I went to Wall Thursday afternoon and went to the Artist Ride Artshow. Met up with some frinds, both artitst and models. We got home late for Cindy and early for me. These women who have to get up early in the morning sure don’t have much of a night life!

I turned around and went back down to the Artist Ride and spent the day, modeling and having a great time. I ate supper with a couple of the artitsts who have become friends and then headed home in light rain. When I got here, my house was full of kids!

Friends and co-workers of Hope had come out and they and Hope and Chance had gone prairedog hunting. There had been a big storm up near Piedomoint, so the kids all spent the night and left early on Saturday.

Then Saturday evening, one of the guys who I run yearlings for and his Dad stopped in and spent the night. Yesterday we gathered his cattle and shipped them to the salebarn, where I am heading to in a few minutes. I’ll watch his cattle sell and maybe buy a butcher critter to fatten and eat.

Soooo, there might be some pictures later, but don’t hold your breath waiting! LOL

9 pm this day

Sorry for those of you who want to see pictures from the ride as we models are not supposed to be taking pictures. The artists pay a fair amount to do that. We just model and look around. The only way I could show you any photo’s is to scan what I have been sent and I am not real comfortable with that. Basicly every photo is trademarked to the artist who took it and it is up to them to share it or allow it to be shared.


I have gotten a couple of comments in the past while that were left anonymous instead of a name. Because of problems in the past, I will not post tany comments on here unless they have a name or nickname on them to identify the sender, even tho’ these were perfectly fine. I refuse to get into a battle with someone who sends bad ones and does so without a name and then gets mad because I posted others that were nice, without a name. Clear as mud? LOL

So please leave some sort of a name to indicate who you are, if for no other reason, so we know it is the same person or not. Anonymous is such a sad little name anyway, don’t you think? 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Jam and three cute colts.

Got up yesterday morning pretty early and loaded some stuff and Beaver and headed out in the dark for the Artist Ride. I got down there and we just visited for quite awhile as the sky is so hazy from all the fires to the west of here, that the light wasn’t very good for pictures for the artists for quite awhile. then Gary Carter and John Phelps kept me pretty busy, along with some others setting up scenes they want to paint and needed to be able to see how the lighting would look on bent arms and such. Wayne Justus was there and I did a couple shoots with him also.

They are all good fellers and I enjoy working with them. All have been out and horseback with cowboys and ranchers and both John and Wayne have cowboy’d and worked on ranches for a living when they were younger, so they paint authentic scenes. I appreciate that.

Wayne sent a copy of a painting he did of Chance and Beaver, from last year and Gary gave me a framed drawing he did of a preliminary sketch that he did of Chance and me, for a painting he did. It’s really cool and looks real nice on the wall.
Anyone looking at it wouldn’t know it was Chance and I as he changed our features enough that we look like different people.

These are good people and real nice guys and I consider them all friends.

I wish I could have stayed over and spent more time with all them good folks, but maybe next year.

At least it was easier to get up this morning as I didn’t set around a camp fire half of the night last night, BS’ing and taking in adult beverages!

And Wayne brought his fiddle and I got to play guitar with him. Might have been the high point for me! 🙂

And by the way, I am not supposed to take pictures of the Ride and post them on here. That is what the artists do and I am a model. Sorry.

Anyone interested in it, let me know and if you want to go to the work of getting an outfit together (or two or three or ten!) let me know. You need to be historicly authentic and know all about your gear to explain to, those who don’t know, what and why you are wearing what you are. And then you need to get an invite. tho’ we have a lot of fun, this is business and not for tourists. Maybe thats why it’s so much fun. Not everybody gets to go to it.

Just check out much of the Western Art these days and you will see paintings done that come from the Artist Ride. If your not sure, ask me and I will probably recognize the models or the landscape.