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As some of you know, I have a 4 wheeler. Yes, I know it comes as a shock to others, but we do have a four wheeler!

My four wheeler is better than most, I think, as it is capable of going over 75 mph down the road, only cost $2000, 3 years ago, can be weather tight or top less and will seat up to 4 comfortably! How many can say that?

Oh, and mine will go just about any where I want to go and maybe a few places I don’t want to go!

Cindy and I try to take a day and get away by ourselves every year just before the Rally, as when it starts, she will work for 10 days, straight thru’ with no time off. A few years ago we drove thru the Black Hills and enjoyed the time together and the beauty of our close area.

I’ve always wanted to take my four wheeler, which I have named Purple, for obvious reasons, and drive thru’ the winding, twisting roads in the Black Hills. We went thru’ the Needles, the pig tail brides and tunnels and quite a few other places, yesterday. It was better than a roller coaster! We even got 35 mpg!

We had a good time and it was very relaxing, tho’ there were a few tourists who should learn to drive before they come here! Notably people from Kansas who drive red Hummers and according to one of the Park emplyee’s, all people from Ohio!

Here is a picture of my four wheeler, topless.

Here is where we were headed. Needles along Needles Hiway.

Here’s some rocks on the Needles Hiway.

More rocks in the Needles hiway.

These rocks must be real cool as there were people all along the way taking pictures. So, when in Rome……

Now it’s back to work!

Sorry Mad, no pony pix yet, but I’m working on it.

Big ol’ full moon coming up this evening. Kind of blurry, but you get the idea.

Kids were all home this weekend. I don’t think Gus likes caps any better than his Grampa does!

No pony pix , Pixie!

I know, I know, I’ll get some new ones taken!

Hot and tired!

Tristin and I brought in the heifer bunch and sorted 13 head of sore footed ones off and ran them down the chute and gave them shots. I rode Woody and he is so punchy that I just wanted to kill him. And to think he used to be my favorite horse! I sure wish I would have trained on him better when he was younger.

And poor ol’ Tris got quite a little training on too! I guess I just need more patience!

One of my yearling guys and some friends were here yesterday. While looking at his yearlings we noticed several with sore eyes. Chance and I will go rope and doctor on them tomorrow.

Cindy and all the kids went to Pierre to see her mother today. Tyler and I drove Purple down and doctored on some of the sore eyes yesterday, with the crossbow and medidarts. Not a real good system, but better than nothing. I think the reason the yearlings have sore eyes is the tall grass. It’s maybe not too thick this year, but it is fairly high with lots of a type of cheat grass, that bothers cattles eyes and doesn’t really provide much feed value to them, except when it’s young and green. Oh well, at least they have something to eat this year.

Sorry Mad, no pony pix today.

Had a buddy stop in last night on his way thru’ to the west coast. He’s a photographer and he has published a book called Ranchers, about the people who live in this area and what they do. Mostly pictures (great pictures) that he captured while in this area over about a 5 yerar period. If you want to check it out, go to He was setting up a meeting to sahow his work and this book in Rapid City next summer. He is already booked to do a show in Rapid, next January. Hopefully it will co-incide with the Stockshow.

This afternoon or evening, I have a couple friends from Iowa stopping in to look at horses and cattle.

Guess it’s Dennis Ranch B&B again!

We always enjoy the copmpany.

Been working on this saddle this morning. I made some alterations to the tree to special fit a muscled bound mare that a lady was having a hard time getting a saddle to fit as it should. Hopefully this one will work.

I am just putting the bare essentials on the tree and I will ship it to her to ride and check the fit. Then if everything is hunky dory, I will go ahead and finish it, when it’s her turn to get a saddle built. I have several to do ahead of her. It’s not too pretty, but it has everything she needs. I’m just afraid she’s going to show it to people and brag that this is all the better I can do! LOL

If and/or when she sends it, I may have to quite screwing around and acctually go to work!

Oh, perish the thought! 🙂

Guess I need to go take more horse pictures as I think this is the last new one I have. Hell, I may have even posted it already! Aging is such a wondeful thing! 😦

A group of us, loosley called the Red Owl rejects, went on our annual trip to Deadwood to watch the single steer roping, or tripping, yesterday. Afterwards, we go find a local golf course, who hasn’t heard of us and pretend we know how to play the game and shoot a round of golf. They do make us take off our boots and wear shoes, but most of us still wear our hats.

Great fun and we don’t worry too much about the score, but I am pleased to announce that my partner and I won the 9 hole match with a score of 44 or 45. There was a little whining by our opponents when they discovered we had tee’d off on the womens tee on one hole, but hey, I ain’t going to walk up a hill to whack a ball where the mens tee was! We just added one stroke to our score to keep it even. And besides, we didn’t tell them guys they couldn’t tee off the woman’s tee!

We played best ball, which amounts to, who ever hits the best laid ball between partners, is the ball you use and make your score on. My partner could really whack that little sucker, and I was fairly efficient at chipping. We both got some lucky putts on the green.

By the way, Rich Skerton won the tripping.

It was a great day, a little on the warm side, but of course, that just made the beer taste better. 😉

Cindy brought Gabe home with her last night to spend the night and part of today, to give his folks a break. We had to get a shot of both the boys together. Evidently Hope has been getting enough sun! She didn’t want to be in the picture, but I talked her into it. 🙂

Been pretty hot, so I’ve been working on the grandkids saddle, some more.

Here’s a picture of the back of the cantle with leather on it. While I was waiting for the stirrup leathers to get ready to work, I went ahead and put the leather on the back of the cantle, to form it. When it is dry, I will remove it and carve and stamp whatever design I am going to put on it and then glue it on the back of the cantle.

Here’s the pattern traced onto the leather of the stirrup leathers or “rosadero’s” or sweat fenders, all names for this piece of a saddle.

Pattern carved into the leather. Now the real work begins!

Before and after. Every line must have a tool, tapped around it called a beveler. Then I use quite a few other tools. Each different mark is made by different tools of various sizes, through out the pattern.

Close up of the finished carving. Notice the real small cuts in the flower petals and leaves. They are called decorative cuts and they are the last thing I do. They are cut freehand with a small swivel knife.

I’m a little biased, but I’d say this is one good looking kid! 🙂

Don’t tell me this little boy ain’t going to be up to some mischief, sometime! 😉

Funky photos of Peaches and her filly.

Chance, Tris and I moved and doctored on some cattle yesterday and then shaded up till evening. When we went out to work, there was lightning to the west and smoke so we re-loaded up the firefighting unit and headed up on a high hill, while monitoring the fire radio. Found a bunch of neighbors and stood and watched for fire until the storm passed to the south of us. There had been several to the northwest, but they had them out or under control pretty quick. Everyone around here keeps a weather eye out for lightning, this time of year.

Chance and I unloaded the firefighting unit this morning and drove over to the neighbors and roped and drug a yearling into the trailer and put him back where he was supposed to be. He wasn’t real happy with us!

We drove by the church and I suppose they think we are heathens, but we wanted to get our job done before it got too hot. It was up over 100 yesterday and supposed to be the same for the next 5 days or so. Back to saddle making!

Hot and getting hotter!

Here’s Peahes filly. I’m afraid she is going to turn into a sorrel. I liked here better whaen she was going to be a bay!

Supposed to get to 108 on Sunday. I hope not, but there ain’t much I can do about it.

Chance and Hope are supposed to come out tonight. Maybe me and Chance can get a few things done in the morning’s before it gets too hot and in the evening when it starts to cool down a little.

Time to stay inside and run the AC and work on saddles! 🙂

Here’s a picture for Pixies ponies. 🙂

We’ve had freinds from Iowa here the past few days. Sue and Bob. They took off this morning and headed west to look around.

While here Bob and Tristin hauled and stacked up a bunch of little square bales in the horse barn and several small loads here and there, where we can use them handy.

And of course we played Farkle, a dice game. Pretty much everybody got to win eventually. Tristin really enjopyed their company. But then, so did we! 🙂

They threatened to come back in the fall. I ain’t afeer’d!

There you go Mad. 🙂

We have friends here visiting. So we are headed in to Deadwood.

Who knows what we might be doing tomorrow!

Went to Rapid yesterday and got a new pump for a firefighting rig. It is totally awesome! Shoots water at least 50 feet. I can suck water out of a tank or water hole to fill the tank in the back of the pickup with it also. I am so excited. Almost makes you wish for a fire!

Almost, but not really. 😉