Big ol’ full moon coming up this evening. Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. Kids were all home this weekend. I don’t think Gus likes caps any better than his Grampa does! No pony pix , Pixie! I know, I know, I’ll get some new ones taken!

Hot and tired! Tristin and I brought in the heifer bunch and sorted 13 head of sore footed ones off and ran them down the chute and gave them shots. I rode Woody and he is so punchy that I just wanted to kill him. And to think he used to be my favorite horse!Continue reading

Had a buddy stop in last night on his way thru’ to the west coast. He’s a photographer and he has published a book called Ranchers, about the people who live in this area and what they do. Mostly pictures (great pictures) that he captured while in this area over about a 5 yerar period.Continue reading

Guess I need to go take more horse pictures as I think this is the last new one I have. Hell, I may have even posted it already! Aging is such a wondeful thing! 😦 A group of us, loosley called the Red Owl rejects, went on our annual trip to Deadwood to watch theContinue reading

I’m a little biased, but I’d say this is one good looking kid! 🙂 Don’t tell me this little boy ain’t going to be up to some mischief, sometime! 😉 Funky photos of Peaches and her filly. Chance, Tris and I moved and doctored on some cattle yesterday and then shaded up till evening. WhenContinue reading

Hot and getting hotter! Here’s Peahes filly. I’m afraid she is going to turn into a sorrel. I liked here better whaen she was going to be a bay! Supposed to get to 108 on Sunday. I hope not, but there ain’t much I can do about it. Chance and Hope are supposed to comeContinue reading

Here’s a picture for Pixies ponies. 🙂 We’ve had freinds from Iowa here the past few days. Sue and Bob. They took off this morning and headed west to look around. While here Bob and Tristin hauled and stacked up a bunch of little square bales in the horse barn and several small loads hereContinue reading

There you go Mad. 🙂 We have friends here visiting. So we are headed in to Deadwood. Who knows what we might be doing tomorrow! Went to Rapid yesterday and got a new pump for a firefighting rig. It is totally awesome! Shoots water at least 50 feet. I can suck water out of aContinue reading