I ran out to friend in Wyoming today and got a team of Clydes I am going to winter for them. Shamus is the Gelding and Gussie ( Agustina) is the mare.. big. I mean really big! 18 hands, looks like. I can barely see over their backs and can’t see over their withers… I am going to have to build a bench to stand on to harness them!

We got our first snow yesterday. Didn’t amount to much. Another dusting this morning… coldish with a brisk breeze… keeps this up I’m going to think it’s winter!

Merideth and parents still haven’t come home from the hospital.. she’s still a little jaundiced.

Welcome to this crazy wonderful world!

(Brand new daughter, born this afternoon. Tate and Kass are Dad and Mom)

Cindy was using the side grinder with a wire wheel on it to scratch down the splinters on the logs in the house and it got away from here, so I had to run her in to get it stitched up.. here’s the photo’s.. before stitches and after…

Got the cows pregged, went about like I thought.. making plans to survive another year.. it’s a good life if you don’t weaken!

We worked on the house a bit this today. got all the soft in the gable ends.. got snow and cold coming so doing what we can while we can…. I ran the lift and Tate put up board, except for the last few this afternoon and Chance finished up.. while waiting on him I built a couple sets of stilts for Gabe and Lige.. they caught on quick.


Was a beautiful morning, a bit brisk, but calm and everything event well. Thanks Delbert and Dean for the help! Until your better paid!



Sam and I went out this afternoon and moved cows from one pasture to the next, getting them closer to the house to ship on Tuesday. Beautiful day. I fixed some fence this morning, Cindy went along. We will move them closer tomorrow. Supposed to start gathering at 6:30 Tuesday morning.
I found a dead cow, a lease one, she got her back downhill and couldn’t get rolled back. It will kill them, first one I’ve ever seen that I can remember..



Cindy and Lige and I went out this morning and got all the cows moved west then this afternoon, Chance, Lige, Gus and I moved them north into the winter pasture, getting ready for shipping in a couple weeks..



We got it tinned yesterday. Wyatt, Dusty and Ben helped Tate and I,Chance was sick and came up for a bit, but wasn’t feeling good enough and we had all the help we needed.. sure feels good to get it on. Tate and I put up some of the rake tin, until we discovered they hadn’t sent enough.. then we started to putty the ridge cap on, but needed another hand and it was starting to get too windy anyway.. we worked on some bucks in the windows after dinner.. kids had their first basket ball game tonight, they all sure played well. Them kids are handy and funny to boot, the little ones…


Started raining sometime yesterday afternoon and sure was wet and muddy this morning.. Dustin came out the other day and Eric came and helped and we got all the roof sheeted.. Tate is hobbling around a bit from a fall from the roof, the other day. Kass drove him to the VA and he just pulled or sprained an ankle.. I was afraid he’d broken his back.. I went to the Hills yesterday to get a few things and another pellet stove for the new house… used, but looks new.. heavy… I was supposed to look at some others but the directions would not get you where they said they lived, so gave up and came home.. been working on some leather stuff today. I’d post photo’s of the house but can’t get them to load on the computer from my phone.. tho’ I did send them to Facebook from the phone..


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