Me and the Missus decided this year

We’d make every grandchilds Christmas gift

Teach these young’uns what it’s all about

Maybe give their brain a slight shift

They’d learn about the REAL meaning of Christmas

As baby Jesus came and gave all to us

It’s all about giving of yourself

Not all this spending big bucks, fuss

So Gramma’s gonna make the girls dresses

Boy’s ‘ll get chaps with a tooled belt

Stuff they can use and learn to appreciate

That’ll make their little hearts melt

So Gramma goes to buy the material

Seems lots of other Gramma’s was doing the same

So the pattern and color she wanted was scarce

One ol’ hussy even called her a bad name

When they both reached for the same bolt of cloth

But Gramma got it grabbed up first

And that seemed to set off a panic in the store

Things went from bad to plumb wurst!

The store had to call in the police!

Claimed they was havin’ ‘em a riot

And a whole store full of older ladies

Had to go on that hoosegow diet!

I had to go in and bail her out

The cows didn’t get fed that day

She was still on the fight on the way home

She grouched and growled the whole way

Me?….. I had a better plan

I just ordered my stuff off the computer

A few sides of leather was all I’d need

Some of them cheap buckles made from pewter

And when them hides finally arrived

I opened the packages with a laugh

Then turned the air blue with my cussin’!

Which soon set off my better half

They’d sent the wrong dang leather!

And not enough for even one pair

And the price they charged was outlandish

I started to tear out my hair

I tried to order some more

The stores was all out of the right kind

We was fast runnin’ out of daylight

So… we had to up and change our mind

We had to do like every body else does

Yup… we went into that big ol’ town

And bought and spent like crazy people

Fought crowds and traffic with a frown

We both learned one thing for certain

And the moral lies here within If you want’a build homemade gifts

It better be before July when you begin!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Robert and Cindy

I took off Friday afternoon and went to Lead to rehearse for the big Cowboy Christmas Ball at the Homestake Opera House there… we had a great bunch of performers and by all accounts it was fantastic! We made the rounds Friday evening after rehearsal and then went back on Saturday morning for sound checks and another run thru’… did a show at 2 and again at 7 pm… had a dance after the show. Cindy came up and got to go to the evening performance and she stayed over night with me at the Motel room. We were up and on to Belle on Sunday morning to Mass with Fr Tyler. He had a great Homily.. (as usual, tho’ I might be a bit biased) We got home in the afternoon and I got in a nap and then off to That Man Is You, our men’s group. We sure are learning a lot about what is wrong with this world and why, in many case… pretty surprising, so much that is going on in the name of food is really probably right up ol’ Satan’s agenda… Chance and Tate took off Saturday for Georgia to get a sawmill so they can make timbers from logs, to build the house with. Talked to Chance Sunday afternoon and they were in Nashville at a music shop and they had lots of real expensive musical instruments there.. he said there was one in a case in the back , an old Martin, priced at $75,000! Haven’t talked to them since, so I bet they made it and are learning how to run it… I was supposed to go up north and get a heifer and a pup, but decided not to are we had freezing rain last night… I’ll try tomorrow… I fed the new cows a bale and put out more bean for them… went and hacked my old trailer jack off and kind of got a new one welded on.. it works, but my welds ain’t pretty! Might have to take it to someone with a wire welder and have them prettify it up! Kass was down with the little kids all day and Cindy and her built candy, even got them to make a batch of sour cream caramels! Sure was good with ice cream! I got a couple big ol’ beef ribs in the smoker for supper… got it on high so we’ll see how that works! Got this years Christmas poem done and emailed off to most on my list. I will post it here and also on Facebook. Lee Stevens usually illustrates it for me, but it is late enough I hated to ask him to…Cold with a tiny bit of snow today.. supposed to be cold tomorrow, but less wind and no snow..

Boys got more cowes bought on Monday. We’ve been talking about getting a new chute and I guy I talked to about one told me  to let him know when we had cows to brand and he’d bring one up for us to use and try out. So i called him and he pulled in with an holder model of the one we were interested in.. everything went well.. got to see what one would be like after it had some wear and tear on it…. they have changed a few slight things since this model came out and it all sounds like it would be better, tho’ this one worked real good… we ordered one, be able to have it sometime after the first of the year, it sounds like…. I harnessed up the older team this morning and hauled bean to the cows up west then trotted down to Tate and Kass’s ands picked up two little girls for a short wagon ride.. it is nice out but kind of windy and they only had dresses on, so I didn’t go real far, b ut they liked it.. just ate lunch and thinking I might sneak a nap in now… got a gig at Lead this Saturday afternoon and evening at the Opera House..,Cowboy Christmas.. ought to be great fun.. afternoon show is at One pm I believe and then again at Seven with a dance afterwards… Cindy is getting Sunday off so she can come and stay up later and then go to Mass on Sunday, somewhere in the Hills.. weather is supposed to change this Sunday and then get nice again.. hope it stays nice all winter!

Well, he got all he could get done in the short time he was here, we will miss him. He’s so smooth on that backhoe and never has to think, just does everything by muscle memory and knows how to do about any dirt working job we need done, without having to think about it… hopefully he will be back to help some more soon… but he’s got his own snakes to kill where he lives.. I finished digging a waterline in to a hydrant so that we will have  spot to hook on in the spring…Tate helped me hook up the water line, or maybe better put, I helped him…  then I went and worked on a trash hole… got a frozen hydrant at a tank down south I need to get dug up and fixed so we scan kick cows back down there and have a place for them to drink.. the list goes on, and on and on…

Took off and retrieved m y trailer this morning, stopped and picked up some rebar and then on to Belle for plumbing supplies… they didn’t have it all! Even tho’ they had told Tate they would… oh well, guess we will make the short 85 mile, one way, return trip to get the rest when it comes in… boys got a lot done while I was gone.. I will post some more photo’s on Facebook… sure was a nice day, I would have much rather been working on my bale unrulier and driving these young horses, but priorities and all!

I took off with my trailer to go get stuff in one direction this morning, while Tate took off with Chances pickup and trailer in another direction to get stuff, We left Dusty and Chance digging on the house project… I got a call that Chances pickup had quit Tate, so i dropped my trailer off, headed south, and pickup the trailer in Rapid, along with Tate, while Chances pickup got hauled to the fit it place… we went to Custer, looked at big cedar logs, we want one to set in the middle of the great room to support a bridge that will go from the loft to the other gable end… then we went and got some boards for forms for foundation concrete work, then on to get some big Styrofoam block you set and pour concrete in for the basement walls. Finally got it all cached down and took off and got down the road aways when I seen some board come flying off the load. We got stopped, checked out what happened, turned that 31 foot trailer around and loaded up lost board, went back to the lumber yard and got my tie downs and reworked the load and head back out and stopped and added another couple boards that had fallen off.. got to Rapid and stopped and field Teddy up and then field us up and we just got home and it’s 8 pm… long day and not as much accomplished as we wanted, but it will all work out…. Dusty is still out digging..he has a terrible work ethic! :D

Cold ol’ wind a blowin’ out there… boys got some more cattle bought yesterday, so they went today to brand them and get them hauled home.. I drove over to the Amish and gt my team back.. he had only gotten them drove 10 times, in over a month, but they sure are better than when i took them.. got a lot of life and act just like their older mates here… them Amish are good folks.. I get a kick out of visiting with them and watching and learning how they get their work done.. Dusty is flying in Monday and going to start the dirt work on the house on Tuesday morning.. got a backhoe coming in that morning.. hopefully we can have the basement dug an the septic and waterlines done before he has to fly back to Texas… me and the boys could do it, but he’d like to be involved and I want him to be and he has done so much of this stuff I am sure it will be worth it to have him here.. might even get him to top off a few colts while he’s here! :D

Tate was out of water this morning and we decided it was the well, he ended up gong and getting a new electrical part for it and got it going then e headed to the Hills to look at cattle chutes and go to a cow sale.. usually they sell the bred heifers first and then the cows, so we were pretty surprised when we got there and they were selling cows first.. just sat down and a bunch we were interested in came thru’ but went to high.. I was going to bid for Chance as he headed east to get a front end loader ad the equipment to work trees with.. he didn’t get the load- long story- but did get the attachments… they will all fit on our tractor but he is still looking for a loader…The bunch of cows Tate was interested in had already sold.. went to the cafe to eat and ran into a neighbor and in the course of the conversation he mentioned he might have cows like the boys are looking for. we finished eating went and looked at more chutes and learned a lot… got home about dark.. need to hook up the fat team and put them to work tomorrow… got some bean coming in so we need to get the granary fixed up for it… Cindy talked to the Amish guy who has the young team and he’s been real busy and hasn’t had a chance to drive them a lot yet.. sure wish they were done and my bale wagon was done so I could use them both… it was snowy and wintry in the Hills but only reached out to the Belle River…

Got pretty warm, melted some snow, cows are out grazing, just a real nice day.. putted around and did some odds and ends this morning.. Tate helped me this afternoon and we took a power steering pup of an old motor to use on the new bale wagon.. I need to find a splitter… or hydralic control, if you will…. I had one off an old Farmhand but can’t seem to find it.. boys may have thrown it out some years back when the cleaned on the shed or I mitt have misplaced it or it just might be under other junk.. really need to clean the shed! Chance and Gus and I brought i the new cows and I fed them.,. there is supposed to be a chance os rain and snow tonight and lots of wind… so we got them in just in case, the cows up the creek are fine, they have protection and can drift in behind the shelter belts around the buildings… sure wish it would stay nice like this all winter and then get real nice in the spring! :D

Cows…. Tate and I each got a few.. sale was real good. There were a couple of dispersions and the cows went for over 3000 a head… younger cows, but I’d hate to pay it…. There was a nice sized group at the funeral. It was of Cindy’s step father, I guess you’d say, tho he and her mother had married late in life and weren’t married all that long.. Cindy was keeping an eye on him after her mother passed away.. he was older and a heavy smoker.. but, he’s at peace now.. got up in the 30’s yesterday.. sure seems a lot nicer… and when it could down not the 30’s a while back it seemed awful cold… life, it’s all about adjustments, I guess…


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