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We had friends and family come out.. cold and windy… some of the kids hadn’t been on a ranch before so they went along to feed the bum calves. They seemed to enjoy it. Some of the horses were in getting a drink so, they got to see some and pet a horse.

Supposed to have some weather moving in.. up to 16 inches of snow and wind up to 50 mph.. regular ol’ blizzard, looks like. We will bring the cows in closer tomorrow and give them a good feed.

My sister and her youngest daughter came out the other day so at some point, weather permitting, we need to get them back to town. Cindy is supposed to work on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully the roads will be good enough she can take them in or I will have to drive and then kill time until Cindy gets off duty.

As usual, when this family gathers, they are playing the spoons card game.. it is wild fast and furious and very loud! Fun to watch and listen to. We jammed this afternoon and last night.

I am thankful for all the Good Lord has sent my way this year. Hope others feel as fortunate.

Chance and I left at O dark thirty this morning and drove back to Hoven, pulling Tates smaller trailer and got some bags of extruded soybean to feed the cows and calves.. it is very high protein and fat and the only grain that doesn’t chance the CLA in beef, which is the good stuff you want. Same as what is in grass/forage fed beef. We really just want the calves to eat it, but until we wean will have to feed the cows also or come up with a way to feed it in creep feeders.. the problem with doing that is you have to put something in it to limit how much they will eat free choice. Doing that could make them sick.

Nice drive back there.. got back home about 2 pm. Unloaded the feed and then too some out and fed them on the ground.. they love it! But I knew they would. I used to feed it some years back.

We picked up a hitch hiker who needed a ride into Eagle Butte.. nice guy but spoke so low it was hard to understand him. Sure a lot of grain standing that hasn’t been harvested yet and bales that haven’t been hauled in or ricked up..

Colder this afternoon with a strong wind.. supposed to stay like that a day or so and then back up into the 50’s by Sunday.

Been warm and not much of even a breeze, the last couple days. Supposed to stay this way into next week, tho’ looks like we do have some wind coming. But it is SD and we almost always have wind. Unless your relying on a windmill for water for the cows!

Cindy and I have made the decision to start a B&B and also allow people to come for longer stays. We have had people come and visit from all over the world and they always seem to enjoy their stay. We need to do some finish work on the bedrooms in the lower level and some spit and polish in places. So if you or any friends are looking for a place to spend the night or want to come visit and see what we do on a ranch or even take part in it with us, let us know. We will be open for guests after the first of the year.

This is something we have thought about doing for a long time. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Hopefully it will be a chance to show those who don’t know, what kind of life we ranchers live and let them see that yes, they do need us living on this land, taking care of the land and creatures who roam around on it. And providing some of the best beef in the world!

Wish us luck. And those of a mind, we sure will take all and any prayers you want to send our way.

Bundled up and saddled up and went north this morning to gather cows to preg. Cold and biting wind. we got them gathered and went to stuffing them down the chute for the vet to preg. Got done about 2:30 and went and ate lunch. Pretty good day, we kind of got a little out of the wind and it warmed up to about 18.. so it wasn’t all that bad. Sure was glad I wore my wooly chaps and ear flaps on my hat!