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Went to the neighbors this morning and helped him load lambs for the sale.. Bitty enjoyed it.. she got to get a little wool in her teeth and stare at sheep.. she loves that stuff!

I went down to Punkin Center and got some more grain for the bum calves and filled up Teddy with diesel.. one of these days I need to go get his oil change.. been almost a year and about 2000 miles… since the last oil change..

Worked in the leather shop most of the rest of the day.. working on a saddle and a belt for a guy.. I got crazy and decided to to it all carving.. man, that is a lot of carving!

Chance and I went down to Nellies this evening and had pizza for supper.. then Brad ad Chance showed up while I was working on the belt, and they petered me for awhile, then Brad decided he needed to go home..

Cindy worked the late shift today, so will be calling about 10 to say she is headed home..

Pretty good day, but my back hurts.

Moving the Corry bunch back to pasture after sorting and doctoring
CC in front, then Gabe on the paint, then Ari Cat, Then Gus then Addy Bear and Chance at back
Eshak started riding with us this summer
Ari Cat and Eshak
Ari Cat and CC
Addy Bear on July… this is out of a pony mare and a regular sized Quarter Horse stallion. This was the colts first saddling. Sam had already been on her once before Addy Bear got on… both colt and kids did well.
Sam on the new youth saddle.. LaPorte cable rig modifiedAssociation

I just went and added a bunch of new photos under “Newest Saddles” it is the header on top.. you can click on it and check them out if you’d like..

Not sure what I have been doing since the last time I wrote.. Chance and I and some runt cowhands brought the cows in, sorted off the bulls and any who needed doctored..and switched pastures with the cows… Ari Cat rode her new pony and got dumped.. not real hard, but hurt her hip pocket and feelings… Went on Saturday and watched Sam and Gus play some football.. I had a doctors appointment today to get shots in the joints of my big toes.. had it done about a year ago and it hurts real real bad when they stick the needle in, but then when it takes effect, it feels great! Doc said I am bone on bone, there and this is the cheapest and easiest solution for now.. I need to get them fused but with no insurance I am sure I can’t afford that….While in Rapid, I picked up Chance who had his pickup in the shop and we ate at a new to us Mexican Restaurant and then went and watched Sam and Gus’s team play football.. Gus only played in one play.. he is limping.. guess his horse spooked the other day and messed up his back.. Sam got to play several plays.. I keep telling them to hit somebody and go after the guy with the football! That is the extent of my knowledge of the game… I see we got a little rain shower while we were gone.. we had 1.75 in the rain gauge the other day.. I have been doing leather work, a saddle and built Chance a belt… got several other saddles to build, but also got stuff to do outside.. weather has been hot the last couple days.. looks like it’s going to cool down a bit now…

It got real cool, the end of August, first part of September, then it got hot…seemed like it was hotter than it had been all summer, but I am sure that isn’t right..

Been doing some leather work, building a saddle.. a young man came to visit Chance the other day and while here, rode one of our horses and one of my saddles.. he ended up ordering one… still waiting on the down payment on it, but pretty sure it’s coming.. this saddle I am building now is interesting.. the guy wants it to look old timey but be modern..big square skirts, just some border stamping… gonna, be cool.. I am supposed to be building Chance a saddle and he needs one, he’s about outgrown his old one and Gus rides it a lot… he is getting too big! Chance was thinking big square skirts… I have never been a fan, but got to admit that they do look cool. I have a tree to build myself another one on, seeing as my oldest Grandson, who shall remain nameless, stole mine last year.. he has since found another one to ride.. I tell you, when you go to getting 8 grandkids and three adults all horseback, it takes lots of saddles and horse!

So on my new one, I am thinking to make it look similar to an old 1870’s model saddle… we will see if I still do it or not.