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Been getting lots of rain, washed out a couple creek crossings.. one, I had just got done repairing then got over 2 inches of rain and washed it out again.. I went and worked on a couple today…

Went and worked on water tanks that were getting pretty dug out around them by the cattle and the water… these skid steers are handy..

Got hotter today. this evening we had ambulance training ….had the life flight copter come and land and showed us what to do when we call them, then a presentation after they took off, a lot for an old guy to try and remember..

Kids are having Vacation Bible School, Totus Tous this week in Faith.. I went and picked up the kids yesterday…

Have an appointment with the doc on Thursday, then meet up with Cindy and go down into the Hills and meet up with cousins, out here on vacation..

Seems like there is plenty to do.. still lots of green and the clover is just now starting to lose some blossoms.. lots of people getting hay put up.. it has been hard for them with all the rain.. maybe we will have a late fall and not much snow this winter, seeing as we are getting so much moisture now..time will tell..

Up into the low 90’s this afternoon, a little breeze.

Went and helped a neighbor haul his lambs to the sale this morning.. Bit went along and helped.. she got sick at the sale barn, waiting in the pickup so had to go get some paper towels and some spray cleaner and clean up her mess.. poor girl. I let her out at the sale for a bit while waiting to unload, but evidently not long enough… I had the air running hard in the pickup, so she stayed pretty cool, but dogs don’t sweat.. on the way home I found some clean water alongside the road and stopped and let her go in and cool off and get a drink… I lost a dog from over heating once and never want to do it again.. lots of humidity, for this country.

We had to bum a calf yesterday while we were doctoring a few calves for bad eyes…seen one who’s mama ain’t got no milk, just to old I guess, so we caught him and brought him in.. man is he a wild cat.. probably a couple months old or close to it… Cindy and I tried to get him to suck a bottle, but he wasn’t hungry enough, so it didn’t work to well, this afternoon when she got home we did it again and had a lot better luck.. I put some grass and some water in his pen, which is the old horse trailer… I think he’s got the sucking a bottle idea figured out.. I will have to get him some calf feed if someone doesn’t want him. I have one lady interested, but he might be a bit to big for her deal with a couple calves sucking one cow.. she raises quite a few that way…we aren’t really set up very well to raise them.. Cindy works several days every week this summer, as one of the people at the job is out on medical leave…

Lot of hay getting cut today, looks like, finally warming up and drying off enough, people can get to haying full time instead of waiting for things to dry out..

We just keep getting rains… got an inch the other night than an inch yesterday evening and night and then it rained hard this afternoon… looks like about 2.5 inches in the last couple days.

We had cattle get mixed the other night, heifers and heifer bulls in with the older cows, so Chance and I and 3 runt cowhands, Gabe, Ari and CC went and got them back where they were supposed to be yesterday and got the bulls at least back with the other heifers.. we went out this afternoon, same crew, and got the yearlings sorted from the old cows and back where they belong, got pretty wild and western just driving and sorting as we went.. one of the Hereford bulls was in with them, so when we were about done, Chance and Gabe and CC took the yearlings back and Ari and I went and got the bull and brought him home.. I had been riding Mijo and she had been riding Pard, so we swapped. She didn’t want to do it but I talked her into it… and just as I thought, they got along great and she really liked him.. he has mellowed a lot in his older age.. hard to believe he is 15… she kind of swelled up some when I told her there were men who would give their left arm to get to ride him.. she and he done well.. Gus had been riding him some lately and he really likes him, but he is like a kid in a race car, always going faster than he needs to.

We had some friends and neighbor over last evening for burgers and food and then the kids all shot off their fireworks.. started drizzling as they were getting done…pretty good show.. off to the east we could see someone else shooting off fireworks.. not sure who, quite a ways away… it was a good Independence day celebration…