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Just a touch of fall I the air, out there today, snow and a slight breeze up to and over 50 mph, they claim… I got the cattle fed behind protection last night.. all but the bulls.. they are usually behind the windbreak at night anyway.. of course, most weren’t this morning.. found some off east aways…Tate and I went down with two pickups and they had come back to the shelter belt north of Tate’s so we fed them a bug square bale I had loaded on my pickup.. there are a few at the corral.. and the horses knocked down a gate and are standing south of the new house in that shelter belt.. I did give the cows another couple bales and will go out and give them some more before dark.. I guess winter is here.. with a bang!

Here it is December and the weather is hard to beat… wars up into the 40 ‘s and 50’s during the day, we have had some pretty stiff winds, but that is SD…people who don’t like cold and hot and dry and windy, probably shouldn’t live around here… just kind of been ding horse..putting about..Tate had a beef butchered yesterday morning so we had friend heart for breakfast.. Cindy has been working off and on.. we have a bunch of grandkids here this morning.. Gabe has Wrest;ling, that Kass took him to and Tate has VSI.. been feeding a little hay.. got a branding of fall calves to go to tomorrow.. head and heel deal..we need to get these calves in and put the blabs in them…and prep.. our prep guy has been busy and people going hither and yon so it hasn’t been handy to get everyone to gather… the Cowboy Christmas Ball at Homestake Opera House in Lead is coming up in a week.. then I am off to Vegas for a benefit they are putting on out there to help framers and ranchers, who don’t have the means when a disaster strikes them..looking forward to it and also, not, if you understand…been working on the annual Christmas poem, not sure if it is what I want or not…hard to get new inspiration…