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Another year has rolled around.. time to stop and reflect on the past and plan for the future.. we got some calves sold.. did well, all things considered.. we have had an extremely dry year.. drier than anything on record since 1960 where we live…but we managed to get all the cattle thru’ the dry and now it is time to feed some hay anyway.. wish there was still some grass left, but when you run as many as we did on this small of ranch, your grass isn’t going to last…and we have feed laid in, bought some more online at an auction last night.. we will get by..

We have a healthy family.. too healthy, seems like, with some of these kids running around here! Man are they healthy! Wow!!! And another one on the way arriving in March, we are told.

We have work to keep our hands and minds busy that provides us food and shelter.

We have family and friends that keep us happy and engaged. As I write this there are three little “helpers” engaging me…

We live in an area that abounds with good neighbors who will help at the drop of a hat…any time…any place … anything.. what a blessing.

We live in a country that is the envy of most of the rest of the world, where we have freedoms we take for granted that others would actually die trying to get here, so they could have the same.

Happy Thanksgiving… give thanks for ALL you have..Thank You Lord.

Not much to write about… I went back east and got another trailer load of hay a few days ago.. I don’t think I will be going for any more, tho’ am trying to find some cheap trucking to bring some more in.. supposed to ship some calves this next week.. I have been feeding just a little hay to to keep some protein in front of these cattle.. hate to do it, but there sure ain’t much left for them to chew on except some grass they really don’t care for, tho’ I noticed these Corry cows were eating it earlier this summer… Prairie Sandreed, I believe is it’s name… pretty tough stuff and hard for them to chew evidently.. I have read they will eat it the following spring after it has been softened by nature.. cattle all look really good considering what little they had to graze this summer.. got 30 hundreds of rain yesterday.. kids had their last basketball game.. Cindy had to work, so it was just me watching.. sure wish I had their energy!

Hay, that is.. got up at 3 a.m. this morning and headed east.. got back there in 5 hours, got loaded and headed home.. took me almost 12 hours total time over, load and get back.. was 12 hours by the time I got it all unloaded…only stopped to fuel up or go to the restroom.. weather and roads were good.. sure glad I ain’t a trucker.. stupid people out there driving who don’t realize outfits with heavy loads can’t stop on a dime.. been cold, getting a few flurries once in awhile but they always melt off quick. If you got to have a drought, now is a pretty good time to have one!

Got a skift of snow yesterday morning.. didn’t amount to much..feeding the cattle a little hay once in awhile to try and stretch the short grass we have, ..Gabe went wrestling yesterday afternoon and pinned 3 opponents… the other kids all had B Ball.. they played good.. didn’t really pay attention to who won or lost.. doesn’t really matter, as long as they are trying.. it always amazes me how they come along and get better, year to year.. kind of like watching young colts get more confidence and better as they get older and more experience.. been trying to get some leather work done, but seems like there is always something else comes up.. I did make it east river to get another trailer load of hay..sure like the way this dually handles those loads..had a deer run into me one evening when I was coming home after dark a few weeks ago.. I was going slow but the deer didn’t care, bam, right into the side on a dually fender… didn’t even kill the deer..took it to a body shop and got an estimate to fix that and a couple other dings and dents.. looks like I will be getting a flatbed for it.. cheaper and really more handy.. Mick Harrison came out yesterday wanting a leather project done for him.. we are going to trade some leather work for some art work.. good trade!