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We took off the other morning and went back to Aberdeen area and got to flat bed loads of hay, behind the pickups, Tate’s and mine… Chance rode with me… long day but good hay and they pulled good..then yesterday morning Tate and I took off and left Chance and we went back on the other side of Huron and got two loads.. almost as good of hay, poorer roads.. man, coming east out of Ft Pierre that road is beat up! Not sure why, can’t think of any heavy loads that would be going west… it sucks until you get west of Hayes.. make your pickup and trailer buck and jump like a bucking horse.. Tate’s load must have been different than mine or he is just young enough to handle it, but I had to slow down.. I was afraid I would tear the neck off the trailer or break a spring! Sad part is, we need to go get at least a couple more loads… Bridger hill was fun to go down and pull up the other side… Ol’ Blue just flat got down on his belly and pulled… if I had a truck that handled loads as good as this one ton Dodge Dually and an automatic like it has, I’d go to trucking hay! I think we averaged about 8 miles to the gallon over and back, both days..

Chance had several local loads on trucks come in and he unloaded and rikked and stacked them up.. got more to come…

Rained a bit last night and supposed to be more going in today and tonight.. let it pour! We will take it.. back there on the other side of Huron, it is lush green and water in ditches.. looks like heaven after this dry ol’ country around here.. too bad it’s so far.. we’d just haul cows out there and let them guys feed them all winter! But it would cost us almost twice as much as buying the hay and feeding it ourselves…


Tho the calendar tells me it is still summer, it isa fall for us… working calves, cooler temps…

Cindy and I drove to Ft Pierre to go to their Heritage Festival, on Friday.. Chance, Hope and kids went also. Chance, Gus and I were to perform… went good, Gus did a great job.. Addy Bear rode along with us so I taught her a short little poem to tell the crowd, she did good and they loved it..I had to host all the day sessions and we had a great jam session on Friday night in the lobby of the motel we were all staying in, along with all the other performers…

Cindy and I took her Nitro in to get an estimate from deer damage on it and did a few other things in the Hills, yesterday.

Cooler and windy today and supposed to stay that way this week… I need to get back east and get a load of hay or two that I bought.. need Chances trailer tho’ and he’s been using it building fence..

I should go out in the wind and move some cattle today..

As always, we sure could use a good rain… normally we get at least 10 inches, evening a dry year and I think we are less than 7 right now.. sure hope the rest gets here before it comes as snow, but afraid we will get some this winter… we need it to fill dams and recharge water underground, but I am not looking forward to it..and it can rain enough in the spring to do all that…it just seldom seems to happen that way..

We had a nice stretch of color weather but it stopped yesterday and they are saying it will be a warm weekend..

I got some chinking done in the mud room today, I forgot how bad it wears me out.. need to finish one wall but have to wait for this to dry so I can move stuff..

We got cattle in the other day and sorted off some that needed branded and I am sure glad that is done.. big job, but went well..

I had to run to Rapid day before yesterday and get a new hearing aid as I lost one while we were working cattle.. my guy, Norman, at Mountain Plains Audiology always treats me so good, ended up with a new set and sure didn’t cost too bad.. Cindy said she didn’t care what they cost, she hates it when I don’t have them or wear them.

While out checking cows the other evening we found some more plums so Hope and the kids and I went and picked them then she and Cindy made jelly.. you can’t have too much wild plum jelly!

We got some gigs coming up.. Ft Pierre next weekend, then Valentine the last weekend and Alzada on that Sunday… They’ve invited Gus to come play so we’ve all been practicing a bit..

Hope the cooler weather come back and I’d sure take several inches of rain if anyone wants to send some..

Sept 2nd today… where did the summer go?

Chance and I went and helped a neighbor the other day who had to move cattle because of the drought.. he was told he had to move his cattle, at the last minute, so us and some others went over to a big pasture on the gumbo and spent all day looking for and sorting his cattle off from a bunch of other cattle..pens there were not good enough to gather all the cattle and sort at the corral so we just worked them out easy and drove them to the pens.. we never found them all but got the majority of them.. long day.. Gus went with us and had his first taste of a long cowboy day.. he rode his new horse, Remmy and both got along great.. Chance and I each took two horses so could swap out, so it wasn’t too bad.. probably rode over 15 miles for sure.. we got the cattle all hauled away and then worked the cows and calves under lights…

Chance and Hope and I went to Eagle Butte last night for their bronc match.. had a great time, good broncs and riders… knew most of them by reputation.. a feller named Chase Miller from Texas won it..

Been pretty warm but supposed to cool off the first of next week.. we need to brand some cows so hope to get it done on one of the cooler days.