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Cool this morning but warming up fast.. got .50 hundreds the other night so it’s a bit muggy…

Went out and performed at Devils Tower on Friday and Saturday night.. nice little crowd and very receptive.. good time. They were doing their Ride a Horse Feed a Cowboy fund raiser at Hulett so got in on the fun, real good broncos and bull match..

I got the horses in early this morning and us menfolk rode out and moved cows and shut gates on the cattle.. the cattle have grass it’s just a matter of how long it will last..

Need to go help a neighbor tomorrow and the net day as he has to sort his cows off from a big area with other peoples cattle and move them.. going to be hot dry work..

We picked plums the other day so Hope and Cindy made jelly yesterday until Cindy had to leave to go to work.. got quite a bit, also some grape jelly Cindy made a week or so ago.. the girls still have juice and need to make it into jelly as they ran out of jars and lids…

Hoping it cools back off but when you see what is going on in the south with all the rain and flooding down there, it’s really pretty hard to complain..

Than it has been for awhile… got some showers, nothing huge but it is helping the country side to green up a bit..went down on the river for AR last week.. had a good time, got to hang out with people we don’t see too often.. had to come back for Bob Smiley’s funeral on Saturday. 92 years, he had…not sure if I want to last that long…Cindy Mae a little chokecherry jelly a few weeks ago when there were some… we have a few wild plums but they are not quite ripe yet… sure hope we get some, plum jelly is the best, as far as I am a gig this Friday and Saturday night out at Devils Tower.. there also have an event going on at Huellet, so I might have to check it out… not much new to tell.. we got some bales hauled in, need more, have some back east that are paid for that I need to go get… we are a bit past 6 inches of rain since Jan 1 so have another 4 coming before Jan 1, according to past records.. I hope it comes as rain and not snow..

No see! I forget about updating on here…

Cindy leaves a tin bowl out on the porch in which she leaves food for the dogs and cats. evidently she likes fat ones as they seldom clean it all up… Dogs have been barking at night and she gets mad because it wakes here.. about a week ago, I was up late, ( not unusual) and hear some rattling around on the porch, so drinking water I turned on the light and here was a mama coon and two babies… when I opened the door she looked at me like I was the intruder, so I spit water on her and she and one of the babies ran off.. the other was so intent on the food he just kept eating, so I spit water on him too so he ran off. I thought it was pretty funny, I was setting her doing some stuff on the computer and here some rattling around, so I go turn the light on and here is mama coon and two babies agin.. no water this time, but I opened the door and they just looked up and stared at me.. I told them to get and they just stared at me… I said it a lot louder and the mama took off while the young ones just kept staring at me, like, “Hey Dude, it’s a party, don’t be a party pooper”. But I made a move and hollered at them and they ran off… amazing how when something starts getting free meals, they start to take ownership of it and seem to think it is their right and they are entitled to it.. I think it’s time for at least a BB gun and maybe something more powerful.. after all, they were not invited nor do they do anything to help us out as the cats and dogs do who earn their right to the free food..

Me and three little cowpunchers went out and rode around the cows this morning.. found some bulls who had sore feet so I took them to Punkin Center for lunch and then got some vaccine.. this evening after the women went to work, they and Chance and I drove out and doctored the bulls with the dart gun.. these dart guns have sure changed how we doctor on pasture.. but them cattle only let you get one free shot and if you have to retreat them, they are a bit more wary of the pickup.. several of these were.. we may have to find a few more bull to help them finish up their business

Cindy and Hope are working nights at the MC Jail during her Rally.. seems like they are getting along fine but sounds like the people who come in and have to go under their care are none to happy about them doing so.. for some reason, it’s no fun when you brea the rules and the police tell you ┬áthat you have to quit playing for a bit.. mostly drunks and druggies, sounds like..

Several of us went up to Fatih and watched the bronc riding last night, real good watching.. poor ol’ Chad Ferley came off his horse just about the whistle and did something to him, a leg it looked like, so they hauled him to Rapid in the Ambulance.. hope it wasn’t too serious, he is getting some age on him..

Cooler weather snd sounds like it supposed to stay that way for a spell, I suppose end of the month and first part of September it will get hot again, seems like one deal always follows another..we have got some shots of rain, nothing to wild but sure has helped and we thank the good Lord for what we got and ask for more, we are awful greedy about rain, around here..