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We’ve caught a few showers and some rains.. got a half inch a few nights ago and 15 hundredths last evening.. been some fires around but people respond and watch for them, so they’ve all been stopped pretty quick.. Cindy went for a short ride with me this evening to check on a mud hole we had lost a calf in a few days ago.. no stuck calves.. it was threatening lightning and rain so we rode back and after playing with Gabe and Lige and Tate roping the dummy off our horses, we drove back out and hauled out the garbage and then drove and checked all the tanks.. I’d filled dirt in around them the other day so it’s easier for the calves to get a drink. If you follow me on Facebook I posted some video’s.. can’t seem to get them on here.. got a new computer, well, new to me anyway, and things work a little different evidently..


Got up or close to 100 last couple days.. it is a hot and dry booger… no moisture to speak of for a long time, fires been happening, got a big one down south of Kadoka they are working on… been having some trouble with a tooth so went in yesterday to be told it need pulled, but they couldn’t do it where I was so went on to Rapid and they did pull it.. one of my wisdom teeth.. fist tooth I’ve even had pulled that I can remember.. it wasn’t bad.. the swelling and pain is a pain this morning, but not real bad.. gave me some oxygen condo or some such and it’s a waste of time.. only drug I’ve ever got from a doctor that I liked was Demoral.. man, I could turn into an addict on that stuff! 😀

Not much happening around here, neighbor came over yesterday and cut a small patch of alfalfa up the creek.. probably won’t amount to much but in a drought year there is no sense waiting for seed, especially as we will probably have to graze it before we could get it combined for the seed anyway… and there are hoppers working on it….

Been doing some leather work on these hotter days…been praying for rain along with my regular prayers for all those I pray for… We did a Novena to St Isodore, twice and got rains both times, must be time to do one again… everyone is trying to locate or haul in feed for this winter which I am afraid will be a cold hard one.. seems like dry years make for hard winters.. not enough feed to begin with and seems like your only going to get so much moisture a year anyway, so if you don’t get it in spring and summer you will get it in winter.. maybe we will have a wet fall…

Must be Sumer!  Got over 100 the other day.. almost as hot the last few days.. the boys and I took Tate’ pickup to a small fire the other day.. Tate had it on so it was ready to roll.. we need to get it fixed up on my older pickup I guess.. looks like fire season is here and will stay for awhile.. we need rain. Real dry.. not much hay getting put up. I went to a gig down in the Hills last night and go back and do it again tonight.. a buddy does it all Sumer and has to go to a different one so asked me to cover for him.. nice crowd and they seemed to enjoy it..