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I ran into town this morning to do some odds and ends and while we had some rain in the night, about a quarter inch, when I got home, Cindy said we’d  had .80 altogether! Woohoo!!! Praise the Lord! We’ve been praying a Novena to St Isidore and I tell you what, it’s working! Thank you Lord! And St Isidore for your prayers!

A couple weeks ago or so, I went to get the horses in and Brody had stuck a big stick under the skin on his neck … I pulled it out and was going to town so stopped at the vet’s and got some stuff to doctor him.. Tate has been riding him so he did most of the doctoring… he’s about healed up.. might leave a little scar but it’s a long way from his heart…. then the other day when we got the horses in Pilgrim was limping.. cleaned the foot and couldn’t find anything wrong but he was swollen up almost to his knee.. We gave him Banamine every day for a couple days and it got lots better, but then he was getting lamer, so asked a the local vet to stop and look.. sure as heck, we found a puncture in the sole of his foot.. either a bruise that finally broke open or a nail wound.. we soaked it in Epsom salt and some iodine last night and he’s much better this morning..gave him some penicillin and soaked it again and gave him a little grain to eat while it was soaking.. I got an old truck inner tube and made a long boot so i could put it on the leg and then tie it to his neck so when he tried to move around he didn’t knock the bucket over and spill the solution, like he did the night before.. works pretty slick.. looks like he will be healed pretty soon.. I am missing him.. got a couple days of cow works at a neighbors and need a dependable horse… this morning cows were out where Tate had for got to close a gate so he and Gabe and Lige went to put them back.. me and Eshack took the tractor to a water tank that was needing so  dirt work around it.. he got to steer on the way back and he thought that was pretty cool.. think I will work on leather this afternoon..Gramma has a bunch of kids here she is babysetting.. chance of rain tonight I saw but not much of a chance, keep praying we need lots more..

Sue took me to task in a polite way and reminded me I ain’t posted on here in awhile so I will try and catch you all up to speed… last Friday family started arriving from all over the country as we hosted a family reunion.. Cindy and her helpers fed 30mto 60 people three meals a day for a couple days, had quite a few camped, lots who drove out or over for the day and we had a blast… this would be the Johnsons, my mothers side of the family.. we got the place picked up a bit so that was a good thing.. no major wrecks or mishaps and seems like everyone one had a great time… we got two rains a week or so ago, with a bit more than a half inch both night then last night we got a half inch.. it is dry, dry, dry! But the rains the Good Lord sent us sure will help… we have grass but hay is in short supply to put up around this area.. if it keeps giving us a little every week we will make it to winter with grass but sure need a lot of hay… we went to a wedding a week or so ago, got another next week.. we have the late calves to work, going to try and get them done tomorrow, been trying to herd the cows a bit and get them to stay in a herd as the hoof action is good for the ground and train them to not be so fussy on what they eat.. I went out with 4 grandsons and got some cows out of the neighbors this afternoon and never even killed one kid! 😀  About all for now, if you got any extra rain, please send it, if you can’t please pray for all of us in the dry area.. it’s a big one, so we all need a lot! Thanks!