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Worked in the leather shop off and on, a guy came and got is chaps.. he’d been waiting quite awhile, but when I make custom chaps I like to fit them to the customer and if they don’t show up for a fitting it’s hard to get them right… went out this afternoon and Chance went with me… I rode Hub again.. his standing in the barn didn’t improve his patience a lot but I am getting the bulge on him.. Dad was a great one for tying a horse in a stall leading him to water twice a day and pitching hay in and poop out.. it sure makes them better.. you get to be pretty special to them when you are the provider of hay and water… He was better this evening but still his green… we got some cows in who had knocked a gate down and checked some others and then checked another bunch and kicked the pairs out.. good afternoons work..


Went out this afternoon and we saddled horses, I saddled Hub, my green young horse and Chance and the kids all went along.. I warmed Hub up in the round pen and away we went.. real well until I rode away from them, Hub is an unweaned little twerp.. he threw a little fit and we went on.. at one point Gus came up in a hurry beside us and Hub grabbed himself and acted stupid.. then later when we were kicking some pairs out and he had to wait, he acted stupid.. he just wants to go go go, and not stand still.. he is learning patience tied to the swivel rope in the barn.. he can move around and not get himself in trouble and learn that he can be away from the other horses and act like a gentlemen, bet he has a better outlook and attitude tomorrow! I hate riding stupid young horses who are full of themselves..wears me out as I am out of shape, if I ever was… sure glad he has been in and not out eating all this fresh green grass that is coming up…

e many April fools around here, tho’ I did get fooled on a couple postings on Facebook… Yesterday, Lige and Sam and I ran out to Moorcroft to get a windmill head.. today, after Mass, Gabe rode with me and we took some young horses down to Eric’s to get a little riding on them.. he was kind enough to top off my younger horse.. Hub acted good and I am sure I could have just got on and went after a little warm up, but this way, an expert made sure and I didn’t have to worry about messing the horse or myself up.. now if I can just keep riding him.. cloudy and tried to rain a bit.. we sure could use some April showers..