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I have been chastised, tho’ sweetly, by a friend, that I haven’t been posting.. she is not on Facebook so this is how she keeps up with the goings on around here.. not too much to tell, windy, cold frozen ice like snow and feeding cows precious hay…

I did load up 8 cows in the 22 foot stock trailer yesterday to haul to the sale barn.. I got about 50 miles from home and my wagon lost a wheel… it’s interesting when your driving along and notice a lone wheel trying to pass you.. my first thought was, “Huh? Wonder who lost that and why is it rolling down the road?” But of course with my lightning like reflexes in my brain it was a micro second later and I thought, “Hell! That’s MY wheel!” Never had that happen before, especially toodling along at 65 mph… Some nice people came along while I was trudging down the road to go fetch it, helped me load it in their trunk, hauled me the short ways to my outfit and I assured them I had a handle on it. I got a cell phone, right? So they left and I tried to call home, while driving very slowly down the road… the other tire was holding the load up pretty well tho’ kind of squishy looking…and called… and called… never could get the blasted phone to work. ( a nice lady later told me to shut it off and turn it back on and by golly, then it worked!) Finally came to a Tee in the road where a vet we use has a shop out on the lone prairie and of course several locals were drinking coffee and playing crib and just catching up, normal day… No one seemed to have a trailer dug out from the drifts that could haul my load, but I called the sale barn, got the boss and he said he’d see what he could do.. he called back later, said he hadn’t an luck yet, but was still working on it. Not long after that a young man came in and in the conversation, turns out he had just unhooked his trailer, he’d go get it and we’d load my cows on his trail.. I waited, he arrived, we transferred the load and away we went for the last 30 some miles.. Got to the barn, I paid him for his trouble, unloaded the cows and then went in search of a place to get my trailer fixed. When I got to the place I never noticed how icy it was so when I stepped out of Blue I fell and luckily caught most of the weight on my left elbow (I say luckily as it’s not my roping or writing arm, or for that matter the one I do too much with other than help me play chords on the guitar and I ain’t got any upcoming gigs right away. I do use it for the coils in my hand when propping but ain’t planning on any of that for a spell with all this dang ice and snow) I left the trailer, came home with out any more incidents and that is about it. Back to the ol’ boring hum drum, feed cows, listen to wind and hope for a warming spell that runs right smack dab into summer!