Goofy goat

While we were planing some trees here in the yard today, this goofy goat came wandering up. I walked out to the edge of the road and snapped this picture. He wasn’t probably 100 feet away. then he took off and acted weak in the back end. Some bow and stick person must have stuck him or he was hit by a car or something as he is now laying dead out there in the field. Too bad. Pretty nice little goat too.

After we got all the trees planted I scurried around getting the over flowing tank fixed. Had to go over to Punkin Center and get a new float system. While I was there I got 3 new poles for the tent and some calf feed also. Got all the water hooked up and had to do some patching on the line out behind the house. these trees were in the cooler at the tree place all summer and they looked kind of dry so i hope they grow. If this works we will probably plan on more plantings in the fall rather than the spring.

Dean is supposed to come over in the morning and help me move the heifers across the road. Some knocked down a stretch of fence this evening and were out on the road. I don’t know what scared them and ran them thru’ the fence but they sure didn’t want to go back in the hole they made, but we finally got them and patched it up. Hopefully they will all be there in the morning.

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